One of Makima's most recent hires, Kobeni Higashiyama is a member of the Tokyo Special Division 4 of Chainsaw Man, which also includes Denji, Aki, and Power. Although it is clear that Kobeni despises the Devil Hunter lifestyle, it makes sense that she would experience anxiety given that she was pressured by her family to choose between a dangerous profession and a life as a sex worker.

Himeno, Kobeni's mentor, claims that despite her talent, her timid nature prevents her from using it. Despite this, recent episodes of the show have revealed the Devil Hunter's potential and dismayed viewers who previously only knew of her as a terrifying figure. It also sparked debate over what devil Kobeni might be working with; one theory holds that the reticent hunter's abilities are similar to those of an assassin.


In Chainsaw Man, Kobeni is Typically Incompetent

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Kobeni usually appears terrified, as if that is her natural state. While the other members of Tokyo Special Division 4 maintain their composure, the nervous recruit goes insane and attempts to flee the area. When the team was trapped in the Morino Hotel, even a small devil caused Kobeni to start babbling in fear, while Himeno and Power dealt with the threat in a matter of seconds. Later, when the Eternity Devil offered the Special Division a way out for the price of Denji's life, fear gripped the young hunter, and he began pleading with anyone to kill the Chainsaw Fiend.

Kobeni's panic drove her to take Denji's fate into her own hands, attacking the boy with a knife in a desperate attempt to escape the hotel they were trapped in. Thankfully, Aki's selflessness stopped the attack, which resulted in the mentor receiving a near-fatal wound. Kobeni's inept approach would not be tolerated in any other job, and her complete incompetence makes her appear harmless at first glance – but this is far from the case.


Kobeni's Skills are Identical to Those of an Assassin

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Kobeni's devil-hunter persona shocked Chainsaw Man fans because the shy side of Kobeni has previously received more attention. In the recent "Katana Man" animated series, the Gun Devil targeted the Public Safety Special Division 4, but rather than sending Kobeni into a tailspin, this threat sparked something inside of her and gave her the chance to demonstrate her strength. This was a totally different side to the usually cowardly devil hunter, and it hinted at the devil with whom she might have a contract.

An assassin is one profession that is definitely feared enough to become a Devil, while also reflecting the skillet Kobeni demonstrated. Assassins are known for their agility, speed, and stealth, and they can use quick wit to outwit their opponents with skills that have been refined to perfection. When confronted with Akane Sawatari, a young woman who had joined forces with the Gun Devil, Kobeni was attacked with the Snake Devil's tail, but she easily evaded it and ran along the body to launch her own attack. She quickly severed the Katana Man's arm before he could fire his gun, grabbed his weapon, and shot him in the same breath.


Kobeni's main weapon, in addition to her incredible skillet (which appears seemingly out of nowhere), is a knife, which is commonly used by assassins. She handles it with precision and clearly knows how to use the weapon, which is surprising given her inexperience with the killer lifestyle. A contract with the Assassin Devil would explain her skill with the blade as well as her ability to handle a gun with no prior experience.

Chainsaw Man has not yet confirmed Kobeni's devil contract, but the Assassin Devil explains her surprising skillet very well. Kobeni is typically filled with fear and apprehension, but when she is faced with a life-threatening situation, a switch seems to flip and her potential is revealed. Since her persona as a devil hunter contrasts so sharply with who she really is, whatever devil Kobeni has made a deal with must possess sufficient strength to transform her timidity into unbridled strength.