The massively popular shonen series Chainsaw Man and Jujutsu Kaisen are regarded as the "dark trio" for this audience. Many are quick to draw parallels between the two series, pointing out things like how Power and Choso both possess similar powers or how both cursed spirits and devils are born of evil human emotions. Blood manipulation skills that Power and Choso possess enable them to transform their blood into weapons like spears or lethal blood beams.

A blood fiend, power. She can take on both devil and fiend forms, each with varying degrees of power. Most of her abilities in her fiend form rely on quick reflexes for combat. Nevertheless, Power can forge her own blood into tools like hammers or spears. In her full devil form, she is ten times more powerful than she is in her fiend form. While Power can create blood spears in her fiend form, she gains access to the Thousand Tera Blood Rain in her devil form, which she uses to launch thousands of blood spears at her foes. As well as being able to heal others, Power can also heal herself using her blood.


Power Cannot Compare to the Versatility of Choso's Cursed Technique

Chainsaw Man's Power vs. JJK's Choso – Whose Blood Manipulation Ability Is Better?_0

Blood Manipulation is the Kamo clan's inherited cursed technique. The evil sorcerer Noritoshi Kamo created the death painting of wombs during an experiment. Choso, Kechizu, and Eso are all Blood Manipulation users because of it. Noritoshi Kamo, the third-year jujutsu high student, is also a Blood Manipulation wielder. Jujutsu Kaisen fans have already seen that Choso is the strongest compared to the rest. Since he's half-human and half-cursed spirit, he can convert his arsenal of cursed energy into the blood. He's also capable of manipulating it externally and internally. If he were to fight a fellow blood manipulation user like Power, the results may be shocking.

Unlike other Blood Manipulation users in Jujutsu Kaisen, Choso is virtually exempt from any possible drawbacks of the cursed technique since he's half-human and half-cursed spirit. He can convert his cursed energy into blood, and even if he endures a life-threatening injury, Choso always has a wealth of cursed energy to regenerate more blood to heal and keep fighting. He's also granted extra abilities that a regular sorcerer wouldn't have access to because he's a death painting womb, such as having poisonous blood.


Compared to Power's combat-based abilities, Choso's Blood Manipulation is far more versatile than anything up the blood fiend's sleeves. Choso can utilize several techniques to defeat his enemies during battle. His Flowing Red Scale improves his body's endurance by forcing the blood to pump faster so he gets more oxygen and, by extension, even more strength. When he Stacks it, Choso is also capable of focusing it into specific areas, like improving his eyesight to read an opponent's moves.

Choso's already potent cursed techniques become behemoths during a battle by honing his physical prowess. Choso typically begins by compressing as much of his blood as he can to use as a weapon. He has the ability to shoot blood beams out of his hands at warp speed, and with Piercing Blood, he can even make sure the beams hit their target. His unique technique, known as Supernova, enables him to create explosive blood orbs using blood bullets to launch an attack that is immediately devastating. Choso is a skilled fighter, but his cursed method puts him in a class of his own and shows that he can compete with Chainsaw Man's blood fiend.


Blood Manipulation by Power Is Only Effective If She Has Enough Blood

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Power's abilities are enhanced by her superhuman fighting prowess in her fiend form. Power wouldn't advance very far in the world of Chainsaw Man if she weren't a proficient fighter. Her Blood Manipulation does, however, have the serious drawback of possibly running out of blood to use. Choso can avoid this problem because he is a hybrid of a human and a cursed spirit, but other sorcerers in the series would need to find a way to overcome this significant disadvantage. Power becomes weak and nearly anemic if she runs out of blood in her fiend form. Despite the fact that she can heal herself with blood, she is helpless without a quick supply. Choso, on the other hand, is blessed with an endless supply of energy.

Power is also capable of creating weapons from her blood like Choso, but she can't do long-range attacks unless she's in her full devil form. Though her blood hammer and spear are useful, they simply wouldn't back the same punch as Choso's Supernova or Piercing Blood. Plus, if Power weren't a gifted combatant, they'd be useless tools in her hands. On the other hand, Power's full devil form is significantly stronger and allows her to perform long-range attacks like the Thousand Tera Blood Rain, which may be enough to defeat someone like Choso since he's still half-human.

However, when comparing their abilities, it's clear that Choso has an edge because his Blood Manipulation is more versatile. Power needs a significant power-up to be a real threat, and most of her skills are solely thanks to her combative prowess. Choso, on the other hand, has fighting skills in addition to a wildly powerful cursed technique with an arsenal of abilities at his disposal to cement him as a formidable opponent.