Even though it's fictional, it can trend on social media when the worlds of Oshi no Ko and Chainsaw Man merge.

Mengo Yokoyari, the artist for Oshi no Ko, is said to be a Chainsaw Man who is exceedingly fervent, according to Redbeanime. Social media is a constant in the universe of Oshi no Ko, which is based on the entertainment industry, and Yokoyari has incorporated actual happenings into the manga's setting. A significant manga event was depicted by eppy (@/epppyyy), and all of the characters became popular on Twitter's Oshi no Ko-version. There is a peculiar character named "Chainsaw-san" right in the middle of Ai, Ruby, Aqua Hoshino, and her idol group B-Komachi. Chainsaw-san doesn't exist in the Oshi no Ko reality, but it does in a different one.


The illustrator of Oshi no Ko is a big Chainsaw Man fan

Seeing as the topic trending is "Chainsaw-san" and not Chainsaw Man, Denji's alter-ego must have done something enormous to make his way on the Internet. In fact, if Denji ever found out about this, he would be utterly delighted to see himself trending. The Oshi no Ko and Chainsaw Man fan also revealed Yokoyari once had to take a break due to how traumatized she felt after reading "a particularly intense chapter of [Chainsaw Man]." Most Chainsaw Man manga fans know exactly which chapter Yokoyari must have read to have taken her out in such a way and sympathized with her. Yokoyari even illustrated Chainsaw Man fan art to cope with the pain.

Haruwaka was Yokoyari's first work as a manga artist, released in 2010. Scum's Wish, a psychological and romantic manga series, debuted in Big Gangan in September 2012. Lerche produced an anime adaptation of the series, which debuted in January 2017. Oshi no Ko was created in 2020 by Yokoyari and Aka Akasaka, the mangaka of Kaguya-sama: Love Is War. As of October 2022, the manga had sold over 3 million copies.


About Oshi no Ko

Oshi no Ko, which airs on Weekly Young Jump, explores the dark side of Japan's entertainment industry. Ai Hoshino, a Japanese idol and the face of B-Komachi, meets Gorou Amemiya, a gynecologist, in the hopes that the doctor may help her deliver her babies safely and privately. Gorou, an admirer of Ai, eagerly accepts and starts arrangements to assist with her care. Unfortunately, his intentions are thwarted when Ai's stalker murders him on the night she is due to give birth. When Gorou awakens, he discovers that he has been reborn as Aqua, one of Ai's twin babies.

Oshi no Ko, which has been dominating spring anime, is available to stream on HIDIVE, with Episode 2 launching on April 19.

Source: Redbeanime