The Gun Devil's intimidating appearance in the Chainsaw Man anime is one of its main draws, despite the fact that he hasn't appeared all that much so far. All fans know is that he is to blame for terrorist attacks all over the world, as well as for disseminating guns and empowering himself through gun violence. That's why Makima appears to be meticulously planning her re-calibration of Japan's Public Safety Unit in the hopes of finally bringing down the villain.

Hayakawa has a grudge to settle as well; Gun Devil murdered not only his family but also Himeno's. Unfortunately, Himeno was killed in a recent ambush, so Hayakawa will have to seek vengeance for her, hoping for help from the vicious Denji, as well as the badass Kobeni and loose cannon in Power. The worst part is that a civil war is raging at work, implying that Gun Devil already has the upper hand.


There is Conflict within the Chainsaw Man's Public Safety Unit

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When Hayakawa recovers from the ambush, two agents kidnap him in order to form a new pact with the Future Devil. These handlers, on the other hand, mock him, calling him arrogant and unfit for the job. In fact, they believe Hayakawa is arrogant, and the other Fiends in his ranks are weak. They bet on him losing, but while he ignores the insults, it's a disgusting way to build a team.

Disparaging his crew is unnecessary, especially given that they are a much better bet than humans. Chainsaw Man fans are left to wonder if others, like Kobeni, will lack confidence as a result of this and if they would be up to the task. The point is that while all of these agents ought to be cooperating, they are instead engaged in an ego struggle. Such narcissism and discord are not recommended, especially when their deadliest foe is nearby. When the agents lose trust in one another as a result of all this doubt, only strife can result in the field.


The Civil War of Chainsaw Man also Occurs at The Top

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Unfortunately, the internal conflict also exists at the highest level of public safety. During their meal together, Kishibe lets Makima know that he believes she planned the attack and sacrificed weak agents. In spite of the fact that she doesn't admit it, her silence is a confession because it would enable her to petition the government for better agents, more devils, and more resources. Kishibe threatens to kill her and her team if they get in his way or endanger his team, admonishing her not to do either.

The worst part is that Kishibe is just beginning to give up on training Denji and Power when this happens. However, he must also consider his own interests, namely self-preservation, so he will want to backstab Team Makima before they harm him. In the end, it's a sign of Makima's problems with her own superiors, who are heartless, cold, and calculating.

They all treat one another like pawns, which weakens the foundation of Chainsaw Man's military unit because office politics endangers the crew before they even enter battle. It's a strategy that sets them up for utter failure in this situation, where they are up against a nuclear bomb of a tyrant like Gun Devil who is collaborating with both domestic and foreign gangs.