Since 2016, Ren Eguchi has been working on his light novel series, Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Ridiculous Talent. The series' thirteenth book was released in December 2022, while a manga spin-off and ongoing manga adaptation of the well-known series were both released in 2017. On Crunchyroll, an anime adaption debuted in January 2023.

There is a seemingly unending list of isekai anime, and there are so many of them on the schedule for current anime season that some people have grown weary of the genre. But what fans have been yearning for may be found in MAPPA's Campfire Cooking in Another Planet with My Ridiculous Talent. The tale is not only amusing but also one of the best in its genre because the series subverts tired cliches that have irritated isekai fans while sticking to some of the most cherished of them.


What Does Cooking Over a Campfire Mean in Another World?

Mukoda and Fel from Campfire Cooking in Another World

Protagonist Tsuyoshi Mukouda finds himself ripped away from modern-day Japan as he is summoned into a new world by the leader of the kingdom of Reijseger. Mukouda and three other summonses are revealed to have magical abilities to help save the kingdom. It is revealed that Mukouda has received an ability deemed worthless for the Reijseger’s defenses. He is paid off by the king and told to keep his origin a secret from the rest of the world. It’s up to Mukouda to survive in an unfamiliar fantastical universe with the power of "Online Grocery" -- the ability to access an online supermarket in present-day Japan and receive purchased items immediately. As Mukouda journeys through the unknown world, he learns that his skill may be a lot more helpful than he initially thought.

Online Grocery doesn’t only benefit Mukouda by being able to feed himself -- he is able to feed others as well. He recruits a group of adventurers to escort him to another kingdom. On the way, Mukouda discovers that food from modern Japan raises the stats of the adventurers. The scent of his food also attracts a magical wolf, who practically forces Mukouda into a pact; he will be Mukouda’s familiar if Mukouda provides his meals. Fel, the magical wolf, protects Mukouda and trains him to use magic in order to fend for himself. With Fel’s strength, the two are able to hunt and sell their game for plenty of coins, as well as sell low-priced Earth items for a much higher price in this isekai world.


Why Other Isekai Anime Is Different From Campfire Cooking in Another Planet

Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill's main character Mukoda Tsuyoshi

The plot of Campfire Cooking in Another Planet with My Ridiculous Talent contains numerous well-known isekai tropes. As an illustration, the new universe in which Mukouda finds himself is in a medieval setting, which is a particularly popular one given the stark contrast between medieval Japan and modern Japan. With this task, the main character typically has to overcome numerous challenges in order to get used to the new reality. Despite his challenges, Mukouda's major objective is to live peacefully and securely in this universe without having anything else at risk. The familiar superior chef cliche is prevalent in the anime, but with an intriguing twist as Mukouda struggles to handle otherworldly delicacies while adding some of Japan's own. This is because the main plot of the series is around food.

One of the most intriguing trope avoidance in the story is the complete lack of a harem. While Mukouda has multiple creatures begging for his attention, it all has to do with the food he can provide and not about a possible romantic or sexual relationship developing. The bonds that Mukouda forms through his cooking skills allow him to feel safe in the new world while also making friends with unlikely beings, such as a slime creature and a goddess.


MAPPA's Campfire Cooking in Another World Isn't a Typical Isekai_0

The subject of rebirth is another cliche that Campfire Cooking in Another Planet with My Ridiculous Talent avoids. Reincarnation is a common way for isekai protagonists to enter a new world; occasionally they awaken in the form of a completely different species or object. After an incident, other protagonists find themselves in their new environment (often a result of the strange plague of unskilled truck drivers apparently running rampant through fictional Japan). Mukouda was merely called into the new world, assessed as a low-skilled member of the royal squad, and then sent on his way.

For both new and experienced isekai watchers, MAPPA's Campfire Cooking in Another Planet with My Ridiculous Talent is the ideal watch. The narrative follows Mukouda as he explores the new world with Sui the slime and his overpowered world friend. It is humorous, heartwarming, and enjoyable. The show also seems to make fun of typical isekai clichés and knows how to employ others in interesting ways. Fans will also be hankering after the delectable cuisine that Mukouda prepares or orders via the Online Grocery take-out option after each episode.