Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Makes Code's Legion Scarier — and It Sucks for Boruto

Aug 29, 2023
Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 1 proves difficult for Boruto as the sinister Code upgrades his arsenal and comes to Konoha looking for trouble.
Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Makes Code's Legion Scarier — and It Sucks for Boruto

As Boruto: Two Blue Vortex commences, Konoha's already come under attack. Fans assumed the time skip would lead to a ton of loquacious speeches and explanations after Eida's reality rewrite. Well, some of that does occur three years after she activated her Omnipotence and swapped Boruto and Kawaki's places in the Hidden Leaf.

However, there's a ton of action as well when Code decides to invade. He doesn't hold back, going into full gear with his army: the Claw Grime. Shockingly, though, Code has made changes to these monsters, making his legion much more sinister than before.

Code Has the Ultimate Teleporting Move

Code's Claw Grime multiplies in Boruto: Two Blue Vortex

Kawaki's busy trying to find clues that could lead him to Boruto and Sasuke. Surprisingly, he keeps finding Code's claw marks all around the village. It leaves him wondering why Code has been teleporting through them to the outskirts and not making a play. Kawaki then discovers marks have been placed on his soldiers, which means they're actually gateways.

It avoids Code trying to enter Konoha physically and being detected by the chakra sensory network. It literally gives him inside men, with his marks being undetectable. Code quickly activates the marks, sending a bunch of the Claw Grime through. These are the monsters he made from the mysterious Ten Tails Beast Jigen had. They hold immense power, and with these humans as portals, Code finally gets his entry point.

The Claw Grimes attack Konoha, killing many people. It nods to the days of the Akatsuki and even when Momoshiki and Kinshiki raided. Code teleports in through one of the marks on the beasts too, affirming he's there to take hostages. He has been tracking Boruto unsuccessfully, so he wants to kidnap Sarada or someone close to Boruto and use them as bait.

Code's Claw Grime Remixes the Shadow Clone Jutsu

Code teleports into Konoha via the Claw Grime in Boruto: Two Blue Vortex

Now, the Shadow Clone Jutsu is a copy technique many elite ninjas have. The Konoha shinobi perfected it, with the likes of Naruto are able to use their chakra and instantaneously make duplicates of themselves for combat. In Naruto's case, he could have shared Kurama's energy, making his clones all-powerful. Code's marks on the Claw Grime allow each one to bring another into play.

It's a quick subversion of cloning, with the marks acting as multipliers. It's an exponentially stunning move, making each beast not just a killer, but a vehicle for more death and destruction to literally pop out its skin. It's a magnificent technical achievement – concise, simple, and impactful. It proves Code's just as smart a scientist as Jigen was. It makes sense to pad his story like this too, because it's not revealed what Code knows about the rewrite.

As someone who has Jigen's DNA in him, Code would be impervious to Eida's Omnipotence. Still, it's uncertain what happened, because he did fall under her charm spell and become entranced when he first met her. That said, for three years, he must have learned Boruto and Kawaki swapped places. It wouldn't have changed the journey, as he wants both dead, but it'd definitely alter the complexion of the hunt. Now, with this army that can quickly triple up, fans are eager to learn how they were deployed to go after Boruto and Sasuke. And more so, why they were unsuccessful in exposing the Konoha-nin who went off-grid.

Code's Claw Grime Upgrade Teases More Scientific Advancements

Eida and Code chat in Boruto

Code has always wanted to be like Jigen, and make no mistake, this sort of approach proves he's that kind of genius, too. It teases maybe he found other robots like Eida and Daemon to use as pawns. Or that he even messed with his own body to become a deadlier Ōtsutsuki than Jigen (aka Isshiki). Only time will tell, but for now, audiences will just have to imagine Code working in the lab to tinker with the Claw Grimes, and advance his own frame.

Isshiki may have had other powerful weapons as well. Code could have found and decided to use them after being angry Eida turned on him and helped Kawaki. It'd hint at more revenge to come and a Code with secret trump cards up his sleeve. He'd come off more nuanced, and like the ideal successor Isshiki always wanted. Fans are also eager to see if the Claw Grime could tap into Code's power as well, the same way any Ōtsutsuki would with the Tailed Beasts. This way, the Claw Grimes, and such an intelligent, evolving and innovative master could truly break Konoha like never before. The chapter ends with Boruto teleporting in to save Sarada, but he can tell he'll be facing formidable foes.

Code's Claw Grime Arc Helps Him Stand Out

Code has turned on Eida and Daemon in Boruto

Code isn't a terrible villain by any stretch of the imagination. But he does need to be more outstanding. A lot has to do with the franchise already foreshadowing Boruto and Kawaki's epic showdown down the line. Thus, all the focus is on them, with quite a huge section of the fanbase thinking Code is just filler and an afterthought.

But by making the Claw Grime scarier and empowering Code in a way that outshines Jigen, Two Blue Vortex affirms Code shouldn't be messed with, ignored, or forgotten. It reinvigorates Code, makes him fresh and unforgettable, and retools arcs the likes of Madara and Kaguya had with their Ten-Tails. In this scenario, Code has many more Ten Tails soldiers, albeit mini-versions.

But what gives the Claw Grimes an advantage is Code can drop them anywhere, anytime and piggyback on them. One would be a lot to handle, but Boruto now has dozens to kill. To make it worse, they could create a distraction, allowing Kawaki to harm Boruto. If Boruto's preoccupied when Kawaki comes, then that's an opportunity for Code to murder him. There's no win-win for Boruto, shaping an unpredictable clash while creating major intrigue over how Code ultimately is taken out the equation.

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