Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Creates the Key to Eida's Redemption

Jan 04, 2024
Boruto Chapter 5 revealed The Divine Tree clones' true purpose, and they are targeting Konoha.
Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Creates the Key to Eida's Redemption

Warning: The content below includes spoilers for Chapter 5, "Target," of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex, created by Masashi Kishimoto, Mikio Ikemoto, Mari Morimoto, and Snir Aharon. The chapter is currently accessible through Viz Media.


  • Boruto is being hunted by Konoha and Sasuke is stuck in a God Tree, leading to major changes in the manga.
  • New villains called Divine Tree Clones have emerged and are plotting against Konoha.
  • Bug 2.0, a clone of a guard meant to keep Eida imprisoned, has locked onto her and plans to seek revenge.

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex has indeed delivered on its promise of change, bringing about significant transformations in the narrative. The three-year time skip has unveiled a startling revelation – Boruto is now being pursued by Konoha, and Sasuke finds himself trapped within a God Tree.

Adding to the intrigue, Kashin Koji has taken on the role of Boruto's mentor, injecting an unpredictable element into the manga's future chapters. This shift is particularly welcomed as Boruto faces new adversaries. The emergence of formidable enemies, such as Code's Claw Grime, brings an air of unpredictability, especially with the evolution of some in a sinister manner. The introduction of the new villains, the Divine Tree Clones, marks a pivotal moment in the storyline. Chapter 5 hints at the possibility that one of these apex villains could become a catalyst for Eida's redemption.

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex's Bug 2.0 Wants to Kill Eida


Kawaki's overconfidence has led to a critical error, potentially unleashing devastating consequences in "Boruto: Two Blue Vortex."

In Chapter 5, titled "Target," the nature of these clones is revealed. While the "who" remains a mystery, the clones manifested when the Ten Tails Beast disappeared in Code's lair, presenting an unprecedented situation for Code, Boruto, and the readers. Possessing the power of Ōtsutsuki aliens and Rinnegan eyes, these sentient beings identify themselves as God Trees.

These clones express a connection to specific individuals in Konoha, each harboring an intention to find and consume a particular target. The clones, such as Matsuri, Jūra, and Hidari, aim to define their identities by pursuing figures like Konohamaru, Naruto, and Sasuke, respectively. Notably, an unnamed clone modeled after Bug demonstrates exceptional sensory skills, using a unique application of the Rinnegan to detect Eida spying on them. This clone, with a vengeful motive against Eida, marks her and vows to confront her.

The narrative takes an ironic turn as the original Bug, devoured by the Claw Grime, had initially served as a guard to prevent Eida's release from Isshiki's lair. Now, the copy, Bug 2.0, seizes the opportunity for revenge against Eida, who is left apprehensive in a cafe as she realizes she has never been marked in this manner. The chapter ends with Bug 2.0 teasing that he will make her a meal, introducing a new layer of tension and anticipation to the storyline.

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex's Bug 2.0 Finally Gives Daemon Purpose


A Boruto: Two Blue Vortex fan video by Kibisu Animation has been called "better than Studio Pierrot," the studio behind the Naruto and Boruto anime.

Seeing as Eida's combat prowess has never been on display, and Bug 2.0 has only acted as an alarm at the Trees' lair, it is hard to interpret and extrapolate how a brawl between them will go. With Eida being a cyborg, Bug 2.0 would be expected to have the upper-hand. But this does present Eida's younger brother, Daemon, with a chance to display his skills. He has the ability to deflect enemy attacks, even if they think it. All he has to do is touch anyone around him, and he can harness this power placed into him.

This chakra belonged to the greatest member of the alien clan, Shibai Ōtsutsuki, so Daemon feels like the perfect person to fight Bug 2.0 and punish the goon for preying on his sister. Daemon had already manhandled Kawaki and Boruto years back. With the time-jump, there's no telling how much his techniques progressed. However, rather than being a petulant brat who wants to fight for fun and games, Daemon has a higher calling: to protect his sister. Eida has often warned people not to make him angry, echoing the sentiments of Marvel's Hulk. Now, the cavalier Daemon has full reason to cut loose. He will certainly be affronted by someone wanting to end his kin, creating a natural connection to the Boruto story prior to Two Blue Vortex.

Another important factor is when Eida and Daemon betrayed Code and came to Konoha of their own volition – they were looking for stability and family. This is why Eida had no problem rewriting reality and making Kawaki the 'prince.' She elevated her crush to become Konoha's leader, while ensuring there would be a status quo for her and her sneering kid brother to help dictate. Daemon doesn't care if he is Kawaki's cohort, as long as the Hidden Leaf remains a place to call home. To that point, Daemon's purpose extends beyond Eida; he will want to save the Hidden Leaf from Bug 2.0's clan. Whether that makes Daemon an anti-hero, or redeems him to become a full-fledged hero (a common theme in the Naruto era) remains to be seen. This way, the siblings become more than just allies cavorting around and listening to Kawaki whine – they can evolve into warriors meant to max out the potential Naruto saw when he took them in as Hokage.

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex's Bug 2.0 Can Redeem Eida

From secret spies to shocking pasts, Naruto is filled with shocking plot twists that changed the series.

When the Bug copy comes to Konoha, Eida is going to have to make big choices. This impending war could push her to realize she made mistakes siding with Kawaki. Existence may well be better off with Naruto and Hinata free, Sasuke alive, and Boruto there to help guide the way against forces so evil. This is why the Hidden Leaf was able to stave off so many Ōtsutsuki threats in the past. Eida has a chance to reflect and understand the dominoes she kicked over so selfishly by warping reality to get closer to Kawaki. Clearly, they have immense, bleak consequences.

This may well be the catalyst for her to undo the spell and restore the world to normalcy. Whether it is in the interest of self-preservation, or Eida looking out for the greater good (aka everyone), it is going to be her sternest test yet. Admittedly, she has shown little to no compassion and empathy due to being a robot. But she can rectify her errors, starting with betraying Kawaki and freeing Naruto. Desperate times do call for desperate measures, after all. This perfectly fits the theme of second chances and reminds fans, all hope will never be lost once a shinobi soaks in the Will of Fire within the walls of the Hidden Leaf.

Ultimately, all these components combine to punctuate that Eida will have a huge arc in the upcoming chapters. She can show how intimidating she is in battle, while enlightening fans about her personality, philosophies and if she developed a heart or soul in the time-jump. Hopefully, she makes the right choice soon, because Daemon and Kawaki won't be enough to save the day. Nor will Konoha's other shinobi, who have never been up to the mark to face Ōtsutsuki aliens or their clones. The time has come for Eida to sink or swim, and to reveal exactly what she wants for the future of the Hidden Leaf, even if it means reneging on her initial fealty to Kawaki.


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