• Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 4 will focus on Boruto's fight against the Ten Tails, as he aims to either destroy or seal it away.
  • Kashin Koji, a clone of Jiraiya, will play a significant role in the upcoming chapter, with his plans and relationship with Boruto explored further.
  • Fans are eagerly anticipating the return of Sasuke, and Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 4 may provide answers to his whereabouts and the events of the timeskip, while also potentially showcasing Code's next move.

The anticipation for Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 4 is reaching its peak as fans eagerly await another thrilling installment in the sequel manga series. Boruto has kicked off its sequel with resounding success, and the upcoming chapter promises to elevate the intensity even further. With its release just around the corner, all eyes are on Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 4, generating immense excitement among fans who are eager to delve into the unfolding mysteries.

As the series progresses, Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 4 is expected to unravel a plethora of intriguing elements, leaving fans on the edge of their seats. The secrets surrounding the 10 Tails and the impending fate of the world take center stage, adding layers of suspense and anticipation to the narrative. With only weeks left until its release, fans are buzzing with excitement, eager to witness the next captivating chapter and discover the surprises the author has skillfully woven into the storyline. The countdown to Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 4 is underway, promising yet another unforgettable chapter for fans of the series.

Boruto Fights The Ten Tails


Boruto Uzumaki's pivotal role in Boruto Part 2 has been undeniable since its inception – a fact that doesn't surprise any fan familiar with his status as the main character. However, it's crucial to recognize that the Boruto we witness now is markedly different from the pre-timeskip version. His newfound strength naturally places him at the forefront of every major conflict worldwide. The very first chapter showcased Boruto's return to Konoha, where he engaged in a formidable battle against Code. Despite Code's formidable strength, Boruto defied expectations and effortlessly took care of his opponent, leaving fans astounded.

While Boruto has exhibited his prowess in recent chapters, greater challenges loom ahead, and Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 4 is poised to address them. In the preceding chapter, Boruto Uzumaki ventured into the dimension of the 10 Tails. His objective appears to be either the elimination or incapacitation of the 10 Tails, currently under Code's control, demanding decisive action. Having honed his skills with Kahsin Koji during the timeskip, Boruto is well-equipped to either seal away or destroy this formidable creature.

Boruto's potential endeavor to seal the 10 Tails will likely unfold in Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 4. His acquired skills and training suggest that such a task may not prove insurmountable. Alternatively, given Boruto's newfound strength, he might opt to confront the creature head-on and attempt to vanquish it. If successful, fans could witness the dramatic demise of the 10 Tails in the forthcoming chapter of Boruto. The anticipation builds as the narrative promises to deliver yet another thrilling installment in Boruto's ongoing saga.

Kashin Koji Makes His Move


Kashin Koji emerges as a potential focal point in Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 4, inviting a deeper exploration of his character. Introduced prominently in Boruto Part 1, Koji initially shrouded in mystery, eventually revealed to be a clone of Jiraiya, captivating fans and deepening their investment in his storyline. Following his disappearance post the intense clash with Isshiki, Koji resurfaces in the narrative, marking his return in the previous chapter. With his recent reintroduction, it's plausible to expect a significant focus on Kashin Koji's character development in the upcoming chapter.

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 4 may unveil Kashin Koji's reappearance, shedding light on his intentions, particularly regarding his collaboration with Boruto and his knowledge of a looming catastrophe. Fans eagerly await potential revelations as Koji's plans and motivations take center stage.

Moreover, the chapter might delve into the intricate relationship between Kashin Koji and Boruto, providing a more comprehensive understanding. The duo's training sessions during the timeskip imply a mentor-student dynamic, yet the extent and nature of their connection remain enigmatic. Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 4 presents an opportunity to elucidate the details of their reunion, the training they underwent, and the depth of their bond. Fans can anticipate a chapter that unravels the mysteries surrounding Kashin Koji, offering a more nuanced perspective on this intriguing character.

Sasuke Returns?


Sasuke is one character that fans are waiting to see in Boruto once again. The last time fans saw him was towards the end of part 1 of Boruto, when Sasuke left the village. Both Sasuke and Boruto went out to get stronger and successfully complete the tasks at hand for them. Sasuke wanted to rescue Naruto and avert the dangers that were present in front of him. Meanwhile, Boruto wanted to settle things with the Otsutsuki for good, save his father and, at the same time, settle the score with his brother. Both Boruto and Sasuke left the village to be in a better position to fulfill their goals.

3 years later, only Boruto Uzumaki has returned and Sasuke is nowhere to be seen. Even though the series has been going on for 3 months now, Sasuke's fate is a big mystery at this point. Perhaps, Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 4 will remedy that. Sasuke needs to return to the story and this could happen in the next chapter, given that the conflict with Code is finally over now. If Sasuke doesn't return, then, fans, at the very least, can expect Boruto to go in depth surrounding the events of the timeskip and give an explanation to the fans regarding Sasuke's disappearance.

Code On The Move


Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 4 could also see Code make a move once again. As fans have seen over the course of the last few chapters, Code was humiliated by Boruto. Even though he is very strong, he isn't strong enough and needs to take the next step if he is to stay relevant in the series. As such, Code needs to be on the move to gain more power in order to fulfill his goals and the prophecy of the Otsutsuki Clan. Code was impressive in Boruto Part 1, however, right now, he simply looks irrelevant. To remedy that, he needs to gain more strength, and to gain more strength, he would need to go from planet to planet and consume Chakra Fruits. Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 4 might give fans a glimpse of Code and his course of action from here onwards.

It is also highly likely that fans will get a glimpse of Konoha in the upcoming chapter of Boruto. After they were attacked, discussions are likely going to take place in the Hokage's Office and the course of action needs to be taken in regards to maintaining the security of the village as well as tackling the threat that is in front of them. Boruto: Two Blue Vortex has a lot of interesting plot points that need to be tackled and fans can only hope that the chapter lives up to their expectations.

Boruto is available to read via Manga Monster. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Monster. The release date for the next chapter of Boruto, Boruto Part 2 chapter 4, is set to be November 20, 2023.