Bleach is a shonen anime that features three main factions with very different combat systems, and some of these fighters are downright alien to one another. Both heroes and villains in My Hero Academia understand how Quirks work, and all shinobi in Naruto use the same elemental releases. However, in Bleach, the combat system and the races who use it are more divided.

The Soul Reapers, the Quincy tribe, and the countless Hollows and unmasked Arrancars roaming the desert sands of Hueco Mundo are the three main factions in Bleach. Arrancars may appear humanoid and have zanpakuto, but they are a completely different species that Soul Reapers do not fully comprehend, with the beastly Ayon being a prime example. Ayon is superior to the Soul Reapers and even the Quincy.


Ayon's Strange Power, The Ultimate Warrior of The Trest Bestias

Bleach: How the Tres Bestias Combined Their Arms to Form Ayon the Battle Beast_0

Even though the Hogyoku gave the Arrancars humanoid forms and zanpakuto, they are fundamentally distinct from the Soul Reapers. Arrancars, who frequently assume the forms of animals like panthers, crabs, tigers, eagles, and even elephants, are unmasked Hollows with their true powers sealed within their zanpakuto. Other releases, like Zommari's eye-based, pumpkin-shaped body or Yammy's ultimate form, defy classification. The Soul Reapers eventually grew accustomed to seeing Arrancars transform into beastly Hollow forms using their zanpakuto, but they were once more taken aback when Tier Harribel's tree fracciones, or subordinates, simultaneously released their Hollow powers to create Ayon.

The release of their zanpakuto by Apacci, Mila Rose, and Sung-Sun transformed them into deer, lion, and snake Hollows, respectively, greatly increasing their powers. Rangiku and Momo faced a serious threat from just that during their battle, but the Tres Bestias cut off their left arms and fused them together to form Ayon, a potent combination of his three "mothers." Ayon is an aggressive creature that carelessly attacks any threat it sees, and even the most seasoned Hollow hunters among the Soul Reapers had never seen anything like it. In order to increase his power even further or at the very least to intimidate the Soul Reapers, Ayon can also open his enormous eyes and mouth. Ayon fights in simple melee fashion, employing his fists and his bite attack to demolish his foes up close.

The Tres Bestias' ultimate guise, Ayon, serves as a backup weapon when facing a worthy opponent, acting somewhat like a twisted, living Voltron or Frankenstein's monster. Ayon can't be verbally controlled, and he might foolishly attack a foe like Yamamoto who is too strong for him, so he does have limitations. Additionally, Ayon doesn't appear to have any ranged weapons, such as the cero or bala, which are common weapons for Arrancar or Menos.

Thematically, Ayon represents Apacci, Sung-Sun, and Mila Rose's genuine unity, showing that despite their frequent disagreements, they are truly sisters in arms. Ayon also symbolizes the true exoticism of Hollows and Arrancars, which is emphasized by the strange notion that Hollows use zanpakuto and the Spanish naming pattern of the majority of Hollows and Arrancar. Anything like Ayon couldn't possibly have come from Mayuri Kurotsuchi's lab or the Soul Society.


The Final Outcome of Ayon in Bleach

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Ayon was a skilled fighter in Bleach, but his struggle was ultimately in vain, just like that of all Hollows and Arrancars. Aizen's Arrancar army was useless from the beginning because he misled them by promising them the salvation that would never materialize. The Wandenreich's members fit Wandenreich's definition of unity and purpose, contrary to what the Arrancars believed. Quincy and the Soul Reapers both have futures to contend with, but Arrancars and Hollows like Ayon and his "mothers" do not. They will always be dejected, empty beings trying in vain to prove themselves. Characters like Ayon and Grimmjow engage in fierce combat to demonstrate their superiority as top predators, but at their best, they are only able to fight for their lives. Power does not necessarily imply a purpose or a future.

Despite doing well in his battle with the Soul Reapers, Ayon was just a battle beast with no real purpose. In the "Thousand-Year Blood War" arc, Ayon experienced what would happen to all Arrancars and Hollows: a pointless death. In response to Sternritter J, Quilge Opie, the Tres Bestias unleashed Ayon, and for a brief period, Ayon prevailed. The beastly power of Ayon was then added to Quilge's own as he broke down and absorbed all of his spirit energy.

It was a humiliating and unsatisfying ending for Ayon, but that's typical of Hollows who believe they can fight for a higher cause. In a sense, Quilge ended Ayon's rampage once and for all. Still, Ayon may be sympathetic in the end, and some Bleach fans may have been saddened to see the villainous Quilge Opie devour the helpless Ayon in such a way. That helps to emphasize that the Arrancars are no longer the meanest, nastiest foes in town; the Quincy are, regardless of how noble they act.