Both Naruto and Bleach are among the Big Three shonen anime series. Both of these series aren't afraid to kill off significant characters, and Itachi and Gin both meet premature deaths in their respective series. Their lives were truly tragic because they not only endured being labeled traitors but also passed away feeling regret. How unwavering their resolve was, even in their final moments, is what fans adore about them.

For the one person who meant the most to them, both characters would stop at nothing. Gin betrayed the Soul Society in order to save his childhood friend Rangiku, whereas Itachi massacred his entire clan in order to save his younger brother Sasuke. There are numerous instances where it would appear that both of their choices were comparable in a number of ways. Explore further to learn how Gin's sacrifice is similar to Itachi's.


Rangiku's Sacrifice Through Gin

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Gin and Rangiku were childhood friends, and the series hinted that they were in love with one another. Though they didn't talk properly for decades (or possibly centuries), once Gin became a Soul Reaper, he still did everything in his power to protect her. After seeing Aizen stealing from Rangiku and realizing how dangerous the man was, Gin made it his life's goal to defeat him so that Rangiku wouldn't have to suffer again. Needless to say, his efforts were in vain. Aizen was way too powerful and, despite doing everything he could, Gin was no match against the villain. He ultimately died, leaving Rangiku devastated.

Sasuke's Sacrifice Through Itachi

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Being the eldest son of the Uchiha clan's leader, Itachi had a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. He was a prodigy in almost everything he did and that cost him everything. While the Uchiha clan was planning a rebellion, Danzo secretly ordered Itachi to massacre his own clan. Although Itachi was loyal to the village, he wouldn't easily agree to such a deplorable order. However, Danzo offered a condition that he would spare Sasuke's life if Itachi accepted this order. Left with no alternative, Itachi chose his brother's life. Itachi then joined the Akatsuki as a spy and died at the hands of his brother with a smile on his face.


The Similarities Between Their Sacrifices

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The fact that all of their decisions revolved around the well-being of one person is one major similarity. Rather than tagging themselves as heroes or villains, it would be more reasonable to refer to them as "gray characters." Gin and Itachi cared about the person important to them, but they didn't mind getting their hands dirty to protect them. Over the years Gin was pretending to be Aizen's subordinate, he injured and even killed plenty of Soul Reapers. On the other hand, Itachi committed several atrocious acts while being a member of Akatsuki, on top of killing his entire clan.

They were ready for their impending doom ever since they decided to live as traitors. Gin was aware that he would instantly perish if he faced Aizen head-on. Because of this, he plotted for years to get a single chance to wipe out Aizen, but even that failed. He was unable to even seriously harm Aizen, much less kill him. His sacrifice was only in vain, despite the cruel nature of his fate. Not much separated Itachi from that either. He made the decision to pass away at his brother's hands because he knew he would eventually die from his illness. Sasuke was supposed to be the village hero who vanquished the murderous traitor, according to Itachi.


When Sasuke learned the truth, though, and made the decision to destroy the village instead, Itachi's plan went awry. Despite the fact that Sasuke was unable to do so due to the fact that the war had already started, Itachi's and Gin's sacrifices were both in vain. Despite dying honorable deaths, Gin and Itachi were never able to clear their names. Sasuke and Naruto respected Itachi's decision to let him live and die as a traitor, so they avoided publicly defending him. The Soul Society was also unaware of the truth—that Gin had sacrificed his life in an effort to defeat their greatest foe—even after Gin passed away.

The Differences Between Their Offerings

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One key difference between their sacrifices was that Itachi was a spy at the behest of the village elders. For years, he had been reporting about the Akatsuki's major move to Danzo and the other elders. Itachi also had to make sure that they wouldn't attack Konoha under his watch. On the other hand, Gin was working completely independently. He never told his plans to anyone, up until the moment he died. Furthermore, although Itachi's actions were shaped by his need to protect his brother, his actions were ultimately essential for the greater good. Gin's motivations were entirely self-serving, as cared only for Rangiku's well-being. He acted based on his desire to help Rangiku get back what she had lost and his deep-rooted hatred for the Soul Reapers.


Gin's fierce loyalty to Rangiku makes it unlikely that he acted against Aizen with the Soul Society's best interests in mind; he and Rangiku endured too much as a result of them. Meanwhile, Itachi pretended that he was acting on Sasuke's behalf before using his Genjutsu to torture him. Gin was sinister in his treatment of everyone, but he would never harm Rangiku. His entire existence was focused on her. Even to maintain appearances, he would never treat her the same way Itachi treated Sasuke.

Gin once walked away from a battle with other Soul Reapers as soon as Rangiku entered the fray. He took her away from the battle zone when it started in "Fake Karakura Town" so she wouldn't get hurt. He pushed her away with his words rather than using his powers to harm her. These two characters are incredibly complex, regardless of whether they are heroes or villains. Because of their suffering, people can relate to them more, which makes fans regret their unfortunate demises.