Within the realm of Japanese anime fandom, enthusiasts delight in selecting their beloved waifus, the idealized romantic partners. While many gravitate towards wholesome, cheerful girl-next-door types or inspiring warrior maidens, there are some who opt for yanderes as their waifus. It may be an unconventional choice, but yanderes possess a unique allure as clingy and passionately devoted lovers.

A yandere is an anime character epitomizing an extreme form of "sick with love," as the term suggests. Yanderes develop an intense fixation on their love interest, displaying an overwhelming desire for their approval while warding off potential rivals with cutting words or even lethal weapons. Despite the stark contrasts in their personalities, certain yandere girls hold high rankings among anime waifus, leaving an indelible impression on fans.

10 Akane Kurokawa (Oshi No Ko)

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Akane Kurokawa from Oshi no Ko is an example of a mild yandere who may not become a violent criminal in love, but she still goes to unusual extremes to get her lover's attention. Unlike Ruby Hoshino and Kana Arima, Akane is insecure about who she is and how others view her, which made her highly vulnerable.

Akane ended up in a terribly dark place until Aqua Hoshino saved her, both mentally and physically. Out of gratitude (and to get closer to Aqua) Akane took detailed notes of Aqua's ideal girl and did her best to becomethat girl: Ai Hoshino.

9 Sato Matsuzaka (Happy Sugar Life)

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In the deceptively dark Happy Sugar Life, the pink-haired protagonist Sato Matsuzaka presents herself as a sweet schoolgirl in public, but she also has strong yandere tendencies. Sato genuinely wants to be close to someone special and will protect them, but she goes to criminal extremes to make it happen.

Sato kidnaps a young girl named Shio, and Shio decided to love Sato as a big sister in return. The two of them tried to live a quiet, happy life together in their "castle," but it wasn't meant to be. Despite her crimes, anime fans wonder what Sato would be like if she were more balanced as a waifu and channeled her cheerful energy in more positive ways.

8 Himiko Toga (My Hero Acaemia)

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The blonde, knife-wielding Himiko Toga ranks among the most popular anime yanderes out there. Even if this My Hero Academia character is a sworn villain and has committed many crimes, anime fans adore Himiko for her genki girl personality, charming appearance, and her loyalty to all her friends.


Himiko is an intriguing character in this way, and even though she is a violent lawbreaker, fans can't help but ship her with characters like Izuku and Ochaco—or with themselves. Also, Himiko believes that copying people and seeing them bleed is true love, but it is Ochaco who truly understands what pure maidenly love is.

7 Midari Ikishima (Kakegurui)

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Yumeko Jabami and Mary Saotome, Kakegurui's two female characters, are the most popular waifus in this gambling anime, but there's also Midari Ikishima, the yandere. Fans can't help but love Midari's pure zeal for gambling, and she sticks out even amid this group of colourful individuals.

Midari had a passing glance at the student council president, but it didn't dampen her mood. She also admires Yumeko Jabami as a true gambler and is determined to meet her again, but Yumeko, who despises cheating, does not reciprocate Midari's overpowering emotions.

6 General Esdeath (Akame Ga Kill!)

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Akame Ga Kill! is a dark and graphic shonen action series starring a small group of waifus, including sword-wielding Akame and sniper Mine. Meanwhile, anime fans wishing for a more sinister and frightening waifu might check out General Esdeath, who developed feelings for the protagonist Tatsumi.

General Esdeath resembles a kuudere, or a chilly, aloof lover, in several ways. Her cruel and possessive nature, on the other hand, marks her as a yandere, and she will kill anyone who crosses her. When Esdeath discovered that Tatsumi was her enemy, she channelled her yandere energy towards attempting to kill him and his comrades.

5 Misa Amane (Death Note)

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Death Note is famous not only for its brilliant antihero Light Yagami, but also for his obsessive sidekick, the Goth-obsessed Misa Amane. Misa believes she owes Kira everything for slaying her parents' killer, and she has dedicated herself entirely to Light Yagami and his cause.

Misa clung to Light and threatened to kill any other girls who came near him, classic yandere signs that Light didn't miss. Misa afterwards perceived Kiyomi Takada as a harsh rival for Light's heart, but neither lady realised Light was exploiting them both.

4 Yuno Gasai (Future Diary)

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Yuno Gasai from Future Diary is often considered the quintessential anime yandere. She owns the Future Diary and is intensely fixated on the anime's male co-lead, Yukiteru Amano, though she might try to act gentle and innocent around him to make him like her more.


Not long before the Survival Game began, Yuno was abused by her mother, which she internalized and became abusive towards others in return. Anime fans can admire how passionate Yuno is about her one true love, but she's also a scary and dangerous girl to contend with, waifu or not.

3 Kagura Sohma (Fruits Basket)

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In Fruits Basket, Kagura Sohma is a yandere-lite who pursues her love interest, Kyo Sohma, through humorous excessive violence rather than blades or criminal behaviour. Kagura made an early appearance as the active Boar of the Chinese zodiac, and protagonist Tohru Honda was taken with her.

Kagura is completely obsessed with Kyo, despite the fact that he has shown his displeasure with her behaviour, and every lady near Kyo is viewed as a rival—including Tohru. Unlike most yandere waifus, Kagura later toned down her pranks, befriended the protagonist, and reformed her ways.

2 Lucy/Nyu (Elfen Lied)

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Lucy, who also goes by Nyu, is the antihero of Elfen Lied and is a deeply troubled but somewhat sympathetic being. She is a Diclonius, or a humanoid with supernatural powers, and she longs for a home and a family to call her own.

Lucy struggled to find love, though, so she often killed anyone who rejected her. She became jaded about humanity as a whole, but she does like Kota the co-protagonist, and will tear people apart with her supernatural vectors to shield him from harm.

1 Yukako Yamagishi (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

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Yukako Yamagishi makes her JoJo's Bizarre Adventure debut as an adversary in the Diamond is Unbreakable story arc. She was a yandere who wanted Koichi Hirose all to herself, and her Stand's name, Love Deluxe, represented her intense desires.

Yukako kidnapped Koichi at one time, and she was vanquished but handled humanely in the ensuing struggle. Yukako then toned down her yandere antics and gradually transformed herself into a more balanced, wholesome partner for Koichi, which brought them both happiness.

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