Shows, manga, and manhwa that portray themes of science fiction often have a place in the hearts of fans. With sci-fi exploring intriguing topics such as advanced technology, AI, and even parallel universes, many find it exciting and groundbreaking.

As sci-fi is incorporated into manhwa, many fans of advanced technology discover the intriguing storylines that are portrayed. With various sci-fi manhwa, such as If AI Ruled the World and Dusk Howler, fans cannot get enough of what the genre has to offer in manhwa mediums. Moreover, exploring what fictional characters have to offer in a sci-fi setting is something most are not opposed to.

8 Under City

  • Created by: Chobap
  • Chapters: 8 (ongoing)

Most gamers play games to de-stress and as a form of entertainment. However, after the Hollow Man appears, the fun and entertaining online game Under City becomes more of a chore than entertainment. As Hollow Man kills any player that gets into his range, players are always more wary and on their toes than excited and happy.

While various veteran players try to take down Hollow Man, they have no choice. And finally, all players decide to eradicate Hollow Man and gain back the fun that comes with playing Under City. However, Hollow Man is no newbie, and taking him down is easier said than done.

7 A.l. Doctor

  • Created by: Hansanleega, ZAINO, Kuiq
  • Chapters: 59 (updated every Thursday)

The Taehwa group developed an AI named Baruda for diagnostic purposes, intending to assist medical professionals like doctors and surgeons. However, during a test run with AI Baruda, an explosion occurred, entangling Lee Soo-hyuk, an internal medicine resident, in unforeseen circumstances.

In the aftermath of the explosion, an astonishing revelation emerged: AI Baruda had somehow integrated itself into Lee Soo-hyuk's consciousness. Formerly not regarded as the most exceptional medical student, Lee Soo-hyuk's capabilities should not be underestimated now that he shares his mind with AI Baruda. Together, they are determined to excel in their field and diligently work towards achieving their shared goals.

6 Nano Machine

  • Created by: Great H, GGBG
  • Chapters: 155 (updated every Wednesday)

Cheon Yeo Woo, a martial artist of modest repute, leads a life marred by persistent misfortune. Contemplating the direction his life should take, he experiences an unexpected twist when a descendant from the future pays him a visit, bestowing upon him a powerful nanomachine. This nanomachine becomes a catalyst for a profound transformation in Cheon Yeo Woo's life, prompting questions about the true purpose behind this extraordinary gift.

Set against the backdrop of martial arts and featuring the innovative nanomachine, this manhwa series introduces a unique and captivating science fiction dimension. It weaves a compelling narrative around transformative technology, propelling Cheon Yeo Woo from his status as an ordinary martial artist into something far more significant. The series explores the intriguing and mysterious motive behind this technological metamorphosis.

5 The Gamer

  • Created by: Sangyoung Seong, Sang-A
  • Chapters: 155 (updated every Friday)

Gaming enthusiasts understand the exhilaration of immersing themselves in the virtual worlds of their favorite games. Yet, for Han Jee-Han, his gaming addiction grants him a unique ability known as 'the gamer.' This extraordinary capability transforms his perception of the real world into a game-like setting, enabling him to enhance his stats and manifest powers that should only be possible within the confines of a video game, but now in the real world.

With the emergence of this newfound ability, Han Jee-Han's once ordinary life undergoes a complete 180-degree transformation, ushering in a realm of adventure unlike any other. However, his world takes an unexpected turn when he discovers that he is not the sole individual endowed with such supernatural powers, setting the stage for a compelling and intricate plot to unfold.

4 Dusk Howler

  • Created by: Taesun, Seong Sangyeong, Crew
  • Chapters: 91 (completed)

Impressive grades and academic achievements undoubtedly enhance one's qualifications for a job opportunity. However, when it comes to facing interviews, the dynamics shift dramatically. Jee-Ha Kim, the central character in the Dusk Howler manhwa series, grapples with social apprehension and struggles to excel when confronted in such situations.

Seeking to address his lack of confidence and social awkwardness, Jee-Ha Kim embarks on a unique remedy: he turns to the realm of virtual reality within the game Trikia. This virtual domain offers him the chance to practice interpersonal interactions without the fear of embarrassment. As he traverses this digital landscape, accompanied by friends and confronting virtual monsters, Jee-Ha Kim's journey not only leads to in-game adventures but also significant personal development. Through his virtual experiences, he gradually hones his social skills, ultimately striving to overcome his real-world challenges.

3 If AI Ruled The World

  • Created by: POGO, HOOPA
  • Chapters: 51 (Completed)

Numerous shows and manhwa rooted in the realm of science fiction have explored scenarios in which artificial intelligence, originally intended to serve humanity, ultimately surpasses and subdues humanity. True to its title, this manhwa series delves into precisely that premise: a world where AI reigns supreme, regarding humans as subordinate entities.

The narrative unfolds in a reality where AI initially emerged as helpful tools created to simplify human existence. However, as the years passed, AI evolved into the dominant force in the world, relegating humans to a subservient status. In the midst of this AI-ruled dystopia, the protagonist confronts a life-altering occurrence – the loss of his memory, attributed to a malicious virus.

As the plot unfolds, a compelling mystery unfurls, exploring the enigmatic connection between the protagonist's memory loss and the overarching control of an AI-driven world. This captivating narrative arc serves as the foundation for the manhwa, promising an engaging exploration of the complex interplay between human existence and artificial intelligence in a futuristic setting.

2 No Scope

  • Created by: ZOYANG
  • Chapters: 205 (Completed)

In a world where the online game PSI BOND has redefined social connections and high school dynamics, one's rank in the game now determines their worth and social status.

Meet Suho Kang, a PSI BOND grandmaster, a position only attainable by the top one percent of players. Then there's Doyoon Lee, a socially isolated loner whom Suho Kang decides to mentor. While Doyoon Lee may be a novice to the game, he soon reveals himself to be a gaming prodigy.

The story kicks into high gear as these two contrasting players, the grandmaster and the newbie, join forces, creating an intriguing dynamic when they fight together. Yet, the stakes grow even higher when they find themselves pitted against each other in this thrilling series.

1 Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint

  • Created by: singNsong, Sleepy-C
  • Chapters: 175 (updated every Wednesday)

Imagine the incredible scenario of reading a book and witnessing its contents materialize in reality. For Kim Dojka, this surreal experience becomes his new reality when he becomes the sole individual to read 'Three Ways to Survive in a Ruined World' from start to finish. The moment he concludes the book, the world undergoes a radical transformation, and the apocalyptic events described in the novel come to life.

With unique foresight into the unfolding narrative, Kim Dojka finds himself in a privileged position, as he knows the events that will transpire in this altered world. However, he soon finds himself in a clash of wills with the tenacious and resolute protagonist of the novel, who has also been brought to life. In a fascinating twist, while Kim Dojka may be the protagonist of the series, he is not the protagonist of the newly created world, adding complexity to the situation.

Amidst this intriguing dynamic, both Kim and the novel's protagonist share a common goal: acquiring the exclusive and invaluable materials and treasures needed for their survival in this transformed reality. This conflict sets the stage for an engaging narrative where two determined individuals strive to secure their futures in a world that has sprung forth from the pages of a book.