Because of the time lapse between the two Avatar series, The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, some questions about side characters remain unanswered. Many of these elements have been addressed in the Avatar sequel comics, but one aspect remains a mystery: Legend of Korra confirms that Zuko eventually had children, including a daughter, Izumi, who had two children of her own.

But since she has never been explicitly mentioned in canon as Zuko's wife and Izumi's mother, it's possible that she is not the person fans had anticipated. To see if there's any chance they ended up with Zuko, let's look back at all of his previous (and potential) love interests.



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One of the most popular potential relationships among Avatar: The Last Airbender fans was Katara and Zuko. Zuko was a fierce foe at first, frequently attacking her. He even held her hostage at one point. The two found a moment of empathy while captured at the end of Season 2. However, that was lost when Zuko sided with Azula in the season's final battle. Katara was the last member of Team Avatar to trust Zuko when he first arrived, but she eventually changed her mind. Despite the wishes of some fans, the relationship never came to fruition — and was even teased as a concept in the self-deprecating "Ember Island Players." Katara ended up with Aang rather than Zuko, according to Legend of Korra.

Zuko also briefly had a flirtation with a young woman named Jin. In the episode "Tales of Ba Sing Se," Zuko mistook Jin for a spy while hiding in Ba Sing Se with his Uncle Iroh disguised as refugee. Iroh, on the other hand, explained that she was simply interested in him. The couple went on a single date, which went well considering Zuko's circumstances. However, after they kissed, a nervous Zuko left. After the fall of the Earth Empire, the two only saw each other once more in canon, in a short comic story titled "Going Home Again." Jin noticed him with Mai and inquired about her. The term "electronic commerce" refers to the sale of electronic goods. The incident then led directly to Mai and Zuko starting a romantic relationship, implying he had moved on from his brief flirtation with Jin. It's unlikely she'll ever see him again.



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Zuko's most consistent romantic interest is Mai. One of Azula's only friends, Mai accompanies Azula on her hunt for Zuko and Iroh. She eventually aids in the destruction of the Earth Kingdom and, after Zuko is given credit for Aang's defeat, she is able to fully enter into a relationship with the resurrected prince. When Zuko returns to the Fire Nation, their relationship is one of the few things he values in his life. However, he abandons Mai to join Aang and teach him how to Firebend before his battle with Fire Lord Ozai. The wording of this sentence is a little different than the one used in the video. That landed her (and Ty Lee, who shielded Mai from Azula's wrath) in prison. She was, however, freed after Ozai and Azula were defeated. The series concluded with Mai and the newly crowned Fire Lord Zuko resuming their relationship.

At first, their relationship persisted in the sequel comics, but things quickly got complicated. Mai was furious and broke off their relationship when she learned that Zuko had been secretly meeting with his father for advice. She even made an attempt to move on with Kei Lo, another boy. However, their relationship is severely strained by the revelation that he clandestinely works for her father as a member of the terrorist New Ozai Society. They were able to make things work for a short time, especially since Kei Lo turned on her father and became an informant for Mai on their actions, and she even defended him to Zuko. However, by the end of "Smoke and Shadow," the two had broken up. Mai has also hinted that she still has complicated feelings for Zuko. While they haven't reconnected in the sequel comics, there's a good chance they picked up where they left off and eventually had a family. But there's one more unexpected person who could end up with Zuko.



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Suki is a member of the Kyoshi Warriors and is widely regarded as their leader. She also became a devoted ally to Aang and the rest of Team Avatar, even embarking on a romantic relationship with Sokka. When Zuko and his men attacked her home on Kyoshi Island, she was initially set up as an enemy. The term "responsibility" refers to the act of determining whether or not a person is responsible for his or her own actions. She was a fully recognized member of Team Avatar and the leader of the freed Kyoshi Warriors by the end of the series.

In the sequel comics, she gets closer to Zuko. Mai, as revealed in "The Promise," arranged for the Kyoshi Warriors to become Zuko's bodyguard when he was nearly assassinated a year after the events of The Last Airbender. Suki became worried about him after accidentally revealing to Mai that Zuko had been keeping his conversations with Ozai private. Suki began to offer emotional support to Zuko, despite her strong feelings of guilt. Suki's close proximity to Zuko suggests they may be more compatible than anyone anticipated, despite the fact that she is still in favor of Zuko getting back together with Mai in light of their interactions in "Smoke & Shadow" and her ongoing relationship with Sokka. Although it would be an unexpected turn, Izumi, who is calm but determined, could easily follow.