Attack on Titan Fan Invents Real-Life ODM Gear

Aug 23, 2023
A YouTuber becomes an honorary member of the Scout Regiment from Attack on Titan by creating his own Onmi Directional Gear
Attack on Titan Fan Invents Real-Life ODM Gear

A renowned YouTuber has successfully crafted a functional replica of the ODM, Omni-Directional Gear, featured in Attack on Titan.

The ODM stands as the emblematic apparatus of the Scout Regiment, enabling them to obliterate titans and navigate the world beyond the protective walls of humanity. Jlaservideo, known for his channel dedicated to recreating technological wonders from beloved fictional universes, recently unveiled his rendition of the ODM. He not only displayed the device but also offered an intricate breakdown of its operational mechanics. This creation ingeniously incorporated design components from one of the YouTuber's earlier innovations – a rendition of the web-shooters employed by Peter Parker in the iconic Spider-Man comic series.

Within the universe of Attack on Titan, the ODM employs rope darts that propel from a device encircling the user's hips. These darts secure to nearby structures and trees, enabling the user to soar through the skies at remarkable speeds. To replicate this mechanism, Jlaservideo's rendition of the ODM incorporates an enhanced CO2 cartridge system, a variant of the one he used for his web shooter. A downsized powder-actuated hammer guarantees the darts remain firmly embedded in any surface they hit. Differing from the show's ODM, Jlaservideo's version deploys not one but two rope darts on each side, discharged in tandem via a swiftly-released spring-loaded lever.

Another component repurposed from Jlaservideo's web shooters is the reel system, integrating two potent motors attached to the frame and harness. These motors wind up the cables projected from either side. The swords and blade holders of the ODM mirror lightweight wood, supplemented with 3D-printed spacers for individual blade separation. Similar to the source material, the sword handle enables rapid detachment and reattachment of varying blades. The contraption also integrates built-in laser pointers, aiding in target alignment and discerning objects within the 60-foot launching range. Concluding the video, the inventive YouTuber subjects the ODM to the ultimate trial, confronting a massive inflatable titan. With darts aimed at an adjoining wall, he ascends its height and lunges forward, landing a precise strike on the titan's neck nape.

Hajime Isayama's Attack on Titan manga debuted in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine in September 2009. Presently, the franchise ranks among the 15 highest-selling manga series globally, with over 110 million copies circulating. The popular anime adaptation by MAPPA and WIT Studio is nearing its conclusion, as Attack on Titan: The Final Chapters Part 2 is anticipated to premiere in Fall 2023.

Those intrigued by Jlaservideo's content can explore his YouTube channel here. The Attack on Titan manga is accessible in English through Kodansha US.

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Hajime Isayama of Attack on Titan offers an insightful and self-aware sketch showcasing the depth of the series.

attack on titan sad eren

Hajime Isayama, the creator of Attack on Titan, has unveiled a gripping new sketch imbued with a clever meta twist.

In the realm of contemporary manga, the resonance of Attack on Titan remains unwavering among fans worldwide. Despite the series concluding more than a year ago, its mastermind, Hajime Isayama, continues to maintain an active connection with his creation. Instead of allowing it to fade into the past, he has reignited the spine-tingling allure of the Titans through a freshly revealed sketch that has evoked both excitement and unease among fans.

This new artwork made its debut at the Attack on Titan Museum situated in Hita, Japan—a hallowed destination for ardent series enthusiasts. Isayama, renowned for his interaction with fans, has transformed this site into a platform for sharing exclusive content. This month, he unveiled a piece that not only encapsulated the terror of the Titans but also introduced a layer of meta commentary.

In an unsettling yet innovative twist, Isayama has depicted himself as the monstrous Titan in pursuit of the series' characters. This sketch features recognizable figures like Eren, Mikasa, and Reiner, captured in states of fear and desperation as they flee from the towering Titan form of the artist.

This self-portrait isn't merely a display of artistic ingenuity; it's also a symbolic representation of Isayama's intricate bond with his characters. Across more than a decade, he meticulously crafted a narrative brimming with horror, demise, and betrayals, subjecting his characters to ordeals that resonated deeply with both readers and viewers. Consequently, this new sketch stands as a meta-commentary on this intricate interplay.

Fans responded with profound admiration to Isayama's creation, applauding the fusion of dread and self-awareness. It's more than a piece of art; it's an intimate glimpse into the mind of the visionary who sculpted one of modern manga's most influential series. The excitement around Attack on Titan extended beyond sketches and museums. The anime adaptation, which premiered the initial half of its final season earlier this year, is poised to return this winter with its climactic episode. Enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the conclusion, accessible on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll.

Set within a post-apocalyptic realm, the narrative unfurls in a world besieged by colossal, enigmatic beings known as Titans. The tale weaves a narrative of survival, valor, and an unrelenting quest for comprehension.

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