• The supporting characters in Attack on Titan, such as Connie Springer, Sasha Braus, and Jean Kirstein, play integral roles in Eren Yeager's journey, forming key friendships and adding depth to the series' narrative.
  • Connie Springer starts as a funny and kind friend to Eren, but his arc sees him become a war-hardened veteran, making him one of the most interesting supporting characters.
  • Jean Kirstein initially doubts Eren's abilities but eventually grows to respect and admire him, showcasing the complex psychological changes brought on by war.

Attack on Titan has been a blazing phenomenon in both manga and anime realms, captivating fans worldwide. Eren Yeager, the series' central figure, embarks on a tumultuous and epic journey, weaving through crucial friendships and intricate personal dynamics.

From enduring connections with childhood pals to forming alliances with unexpected comrades in the battle against Titans, the characters in this beloved series engage in captivating interactions with Yeager. The bonds he forges with some of the series' cherished supporting characters play a pivotal role in the intense, often existential narrative and profound depth of the epic saga.

6 Connie Springer Is A Funny, Easy-To-Root-For Supporting Character

Debut Episode - That Day: The Fall Of Shiganshina, Part 2


Connie Springer steps onto the stage of Attack on Titan with a clear life goal: to earn the pride of his family. As a member of the 104th Training Corps and later the Survey Corps, he brings humor and kindness to the forefront even in the midst of war.

His genuine and warm friendship with Eren blossoms through shared military experiences, showcasing Springer as a noble and loyal companion. United by a fervent commitment to safeguard humanity from the ever-looming Titan threat, their shared passion deepens their connection over time. Springer's character arc unfolds from lovable comic relief to a battle-hardened veteran, navigating through setbacks and moral quandaries that add layers to his complexity. In the tapestry of supporting characters, Connie Springer emerges as one of the series' most intriguing personalities.

5 Sasha Braus Is An Unconventional, Colorful Figure In The War Against The Titans

Debut Episode - That Day: The Fall Of Shiganshina, Part 2


Sasha Braus, the unyielding food enthusiast, brought a touch of eccentricity to Attack on Titan. Battling her regional Dauper Village accent embarrassment, her relentless efforts to conceal it added a humorous and occasionally awkward layer to her character.

As a member of the Scout Regiment, Braus forges a distinctive connection with Eren. Her unique blend of lightheartedness and determination becomes a source of comfort for Eren amid the series' numerous challenges. In the grim world of Attack on Titan, their dynamic stands out, injecting moments of levity into the often brutal narrative. The profound impact of their bond is underscored by Braus' shocking demise, leaving an emotional imprint that lingers throughout the remainder of the series.

4 Jean Kirstein Grows To Respect And Admire Eren Yeager

Debut Episode - That Day: The Fall Of Shiganshina, Part 2


Jean Kirstein's early story offers a fascinating exploration of the intricate psychological shifts triggered by the ravages of war. Initially set on a path to join the Military Police Brigade, seeking a more tranquil career, Kirstein ultimately embraces the chaos as a vital member of the Survey Corps in the relentless battle against Titans.

While initially skeptical of Eren's potential, Kirstein undergoes a transformative journey, evolving into a trusted friend. Despite their divergent personalities, Kirstein's admiration for Eren's unwavering determination and growth becomes evident. His pragmatic, down-to-earth perspective adds a layer of depth to their dynamic. With a supportive nature and compelling character development, Kirstein emerges as one of Eren's most valuable and intriguing companions over the course of the series.

3 Levi Ackermann Is Arguably The Toughest Character In The Series

Debut Episode - The Night Of The Closing Ceremony: Humanity's Comeback, Part 2


Levi Ackermann, the epitome of strength in Attack on Titan, surprisingly forms a profound connection with Eren. Initially stern and aloof, their camaraderie develops through shared battles.

Ackermann's exceptional combat skills and leadership make him a linchpin in the fight against Titans. As the captain of the Special Operations Squad, an elite unit within the Survey Corps, the composed Ackermann stands out as one of the series' most formidable heroic figures. Marked by battle scars and injuries from years of unrelenting warfare, his tough exterior occasionally gives way to a more sensitive, human side, evident in his peculiar obsession with extreme cleanliness. Despite apparent differences, Levi and Eren come to respect each other, combining their strengths to protect humanity and forging a formidable bond in the process.

2 Mikasa Ackerman Is A Battle-Hardened, Longtime Ally To Eren

Debut Episode - To You, In 2000 Years: The Fall Of Shiganshina, Part 1


Mikasa Ackermann, once an elite member of the 104th Training Corps, shares a deep and intricate bond with Eren that traces back to their childhood. After her parents fell victim to human traffickers, Mikasa found solace and family with Eren and his kin, solidifying a strong connection that endures.

A formidable force in brutal combat, Mikasa's devotion to Eren goes beyond that of a mere sibling. She consistently puts her life on the line to ensure his safety, showcasing a fierce and unwavering commitment. Beyond her role as an adopted sister, Mikasa holds a captivating personal history as the last known descendant of the Shogun group. This unique lineage grants her unexpected political influence in the nation of Hizuru, adding another layer to the fan-favorite character's intriguing story.

1 Armin Arlelt Is A Smart And Thoughtful Military Commander

Debut Episode - To You, In 2000 Years: The Fall Of Shiganshina, Part 1


Armin Arlelt, the sharp-witted strategist, stands as a vital asset to the Survey Corps. Beyond his military prowess, Arlelt is best known for his pivotal role as a childhood friend to both Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman.

A reliable and unwavering ally to Eren, Arlelt's value lies in his tactical acumen, general intelligence, and steadfast loyalty. Their enduring friendship has been molded through shared trials within the challenging realm of Attack on Titan, alongside their shared commitment to safeguarding humanity from the formidable Titans. With consistent support and a talent for helping Eren grasp the broader perspective, Arlelt proves to be an indispensable and close friend.