In the world of anime, anything is possible. The medium is filled with various genres, from futuristic battles in space and reincarnations into a magical world to having a mummy for a pet. So it shouldn't be a huge surprise if an anime fan's favorite character happens to be a member of the undead. Whether these favorite characters are zombies, skeletons, or something in between, they all share the same ability to win over even the most scaredy-cat fans.

Despite being ghoulish and possibly a bit gruesome, each of the following characters have personalities all of their own. From comedic bits to having unbeating hearts of gold, they all manage to steal the hearts of anime fans with their larger-than-life personalities.

10 The Humming Swordsman Brook (One Piece)

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Now a member of the Straw Hat Pirates, this talking skeleton was once a pirate of an entirely different crew who died approximately 50 years before he met Luffy. Fortunately, due to the Devil Fruit he ate, Brook was able to revive. Granted his soul got lost and reunited with his body after it decayed.

However, that hasn’t stopped this skeletal musician from pursuing a career as Soul King or supporting Luffy on his journey to becoming the next Pirate King. Brook is a lovable character and will surely bring a smile onto fans’ faces with his jokes and unique laugh.

9 The Zombie Idols Franchouchou (Zombie Land Saga)

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As a group of popular idols, Franchouchou is dedicated to taking over Saga. However, they’re hiding a secret, each and every member is a zombie. Newly revived and thrust into an idol group, the girls must band together in order to make the most of their afterlife.

As their journey together continues, fans will learn that there is more to their revival than what meets the eye. They’re also sure to grow attached to these rising stars as they continue on their journey. Hopefully more so than the girls with their limbs.

8 Sid The Teacher After Brains (Soul Eater)

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At Death Meister Academy it’s not hard to find unique and likable teachers, especially since the headmaster is Death himself. However, Sid Barrett may just be one of the best teachers at the academy, and he’s already dead. After being killed in action, Sid is later resurrected.

However, fans do not have to worry. This teacher may be after his students' brains, just not in the same way as every other zombie. Even after becoming a zombie, Sid is still dedicated to teaching his students to be the best weapons and meisters they can be.

7 The Headless Cyclist Celty (Durarara!!)

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Known as the ‘Headless Rider’, Celty makes a lasting impression and not just because she’s missing her head. As a member of both the Dollars and the Snake Hands, Celty can be found either kicking butts with her scythe or riding her motorcycle on errands.

As a Dullahan, Celty isn’t the only supernatural creature in Ikebukuro, but she is a member of the undead. Traditionally she would guide the souls of the departed to the afterlife. However, now she spends her time as an underground transporter while looking for her missing head.

6 Daikoku The Shinki Of The Goddess Of Poverty (Noragami)

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Despite his overly stern and somewhat aggressive attitude, Daikoku is a complete softy when it comes to his master, Kofuku. Despite being dead, Daikoku has found a second chance at life as a Shinki or vessel for a god.

When wielded by Kofuku, the goddess of misfortune, Daikoku is able to transform into a black hand fan and open vents into the underworld. This Shinki and goddess pair are an impressive duo. However, it’s the gap in Daikoku’s personality that makes him a fast favorite amongst Noragami's characters.

5 Arc The Skeletal Knight (Skeleton Knight in Another World)

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After suddenly waking up in the forest of the video game he fell asleep playing the night before, Arc immediately steps into action. He doesn’t spend too much time pondering what happened to him but is rather excited to explore this new world, even if he’s a 6-foot-tall skeleton.

Determined to fly under the radar in order to avoid being discovered and mistaken for a monster, Arc embarks on a new journey as a mercenary. However, he will find that his impressive figure, his gamer knowledge, and powerful abilities will make it hard to go unnoticed. The skeleton knight has already become a favorite amongst the people he meets as well as the anime fans.

4 Adalman The Skeletal Disciple (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime)

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Despite being a member of Clayman’s Five Fingers and an enemy of Rimuru and the Forest of Jura, Adalman created a unique first impression. The skeletal mage went toe to toe with Shuna. His ability to wield Holy Magic made him an impressive foe.

However, what truly set this man or skeleton apart was his immediate devotion to Rimuru. After being defeated by Shuna and her own Holy Magic, Adalman is quick to join her ‘religion’. Adalman is now a stout believer in “Rimuruism” in the most comedic and fanatical sense.

3 The Skeleton Who Will Rule The World Ainz (Overlord)

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Ainz may have originally been a normal human and an MMO player, but now he’s stuck in a video game that has been shut down and inhabits the body of a giant skeleton. Trapped in the body of his avatar, Momonga, guildmaster of Ainz Ooal Gown, he adopts the name as his own. Not only that, but Ainz is also the Overlord of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

Stuck in the videogame, Ainz becomes the master of his own fortress and begins his journey of making this virtual world his own empire. His ambition paired with his comedic banter with his comrades makes Ainz a character fans should keep their eyes on.

2 The Kind-Hearted Zombie Rea Sanka (Sankarea: Undying Love)

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Rea Sanka wasn’t always a zombie. Her debut as one of the undead happened after she drank Chihiro’s zombie potion and died after falling off of a cliff. Now with newfound abilities like super strength and the ability to telepathically talk to other zombies, Rea is trying to adjust to her new life.

Granted it helps when she’s being helped by the zombie fanatic, Chihiro. As Rea and Chihiro continue on this journey together, fans will find that despite being a zombie, Rea isn’t a brainless monster, but rather a sweet and naive girl. One that will win their hearts and Chihiro’s.

1 Kojou Akatsuki The Most Powerful Vampire (Strike The Blood)

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Kojou Akatsuki wasn’t always the most powerful vampire in history. He initially started out as a normal high school boy, until he met Avora and found himself embroiled in supernatural drama. Now as the fourth primogenitor, Kojou is not only a vampire but one with great abilities and powerful familiars to call upon.

That isn’t to say that Kojou lacks the same quirky qualities as any teenage boy. The gap between his horror movie-esque abilities and his characteristic nosebleeds make him a favorite amongst the undead characters in anime.