Anime Spotlight: Hypnosis Mic Division Rap Battle

By: Karl Koyomi Oct 02, 2022
Do you want to get into Hypnosis Mic? Or do you want to get into a music anime full of handsome young men? Worry not this review will help you
Anime Spotlight: Hypnosis Mic Division Rap Battle
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Hypnosis Mic Division Rap Battle is a music-idol based anime that’s representing Rap and Hip-hop. Hypmic for short is not really the first of its kind. Even though we have anime shows like IDOLiSH7, B-Project, and other similar titles, here is why Hypnosis Mic is a must-watch.

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As Fall 2020 continue to its fifth week, there are already undeniably popular anime like Jujutsu Kaisen and TONIKAWA. Like the other seasons, there will always be an underrated show, but is it really underrated? Hypnosis Mic, or HypMic, is one of those under-watched shows this season, but unlike the rest, HypMic is very popular in Japan, with over a million fans attending concerts, events, and buying merch. But if they have that many fans why isn’t the anime at the top of the seasonal shows? Well, unlike the others, HypMic’s audiences are mostly made out of female watchers. Let’s say, they don’t stand up that much, unlike Shonen Fans or your casual seasonal fans. So what made HypMic popular? Asides from the pretty faces of the characters, let’s go back to the start.

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King Records started this multimedia project that’s based on Rap and Hip-hop and ever since the debut, the whole franchise became popular in Japan. With their own game, manga adaptation, live stageplay, and of course, the TV Anime. But for some reason, the anime is not really selling well outside Japan. Is it because it’s an all-male cast? And this is why Anime Spotlight is a thing. Here are some things that will let you understand more about the franchise.

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HypMic is one of those Idol-music based anime but it’s not that unique when it comes to this genre. Yes, we have stuff like IDOLiSH7, but what makes HypMic Standout the most are its characters and its world. Unlike IDOLiSH7 and other Idol-based anime, HypMic is not about High-School boys or just boys who want to be Idols singing on stage. The world takes place in a post-world war 3 Japan where guns and war are banned. The government gave the men Hypnosis Microphones and told them to just battle it out using them.

Characters are also an important thing in this series. They represent each division unit, that surprisingly are real places in Japan. They are not just representing divisions but are drawn to visually resemble it too. Their appearances range from Ikebukuro’s gangs to Shibuya’s fashion trend.

The voices

Of course, when there are characters, there are voices. The voice actors are the core of this project and they are also a part of the appeal. They range from veterans like Sho Hayami, to completely new ones like Yukihiro Nozuyama, and to other famously well-known in the industry. They are the key element in this franchise, with them being next to their characters in the music videos, to wearing icons of their character whenever there is a live event.

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A rap-battle anime, one of its kind. Let’s go straight to the point, yes, this anime is actually representing what Rap-Battle is supposed to be like. Dissing each other, giving bars left and right, awesome beats and music, everything is represented! The lore in the show is also one of a kind. A place without war? Fighting only by using words? That’s an awesome concept, and you know what is also awesome in this anime? The music! It’s very awesome, Rap and Hip-Hop with a mix of dubstep. Everything you can think of in a rap-battle, they have it, and of course, they are representing the battles beautifully with the amazing visuals done by A-1 Pictures (Sword Art Online and Magi).

Hypnosis Mic Episode 5 Preview

You may find the story lacking since the anime started slowly by showing and introducing each division per episode. But that’s what makes the anime very friendly to the newcomers, you don’t need to read every wiki fan page or play the game before entering this rabbit hole. The plot will fully explain it to you in 5 episodes. The characters themselves are also good with everyone having well-written backstories and lore. Overall? A good music anime, everything about it is promising. If you are planning on watching HypMic then this is the time to watch it! It’s a good idol-music-based anime with dope music and songs, beautiful animations and visuals, interesting characters, and an interesting world.


In a world where women now dominate the government, the creation and use of weapons are strictly forbidden. However, by no means has the conflict been brought to an end; instead of weapons, war is waged through words. With the power of the “Hypnosis Mic,” lyrics can affect one’s opponent in various ways and cause real damage. Those in the divisions outside the women-only Chuou Ward thus use it for fierce rap battles as their weapon in the constant clash for territory.
(Source: MyAnimeList)

You can read more about the series on their official website, all of their songs are available on Spotify, listen to them now!
You can watch the anime now on legal streaming services!

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We have now entered an age in which words have the ultimate power.

Otome Tohoten, Hypnosis Mic Division Rap Battle – Rhyme Anima

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