Pocket Monsters: PiPiPi★AdventureMagical Pokémon Journey - Tsukirino, Yumi


When young Hazel develops a crush on Almond, a Pokémon trainer, she goes to Grandpa, an inept magician and Pokémon researcher, for a love potion to hook him. But the resulting potion doesn't make hearts flutter—it makes Grandpa's lab explode, because he doesn't have much practice with potions. For the promise of more and better love potion, Hazel is convinced to travel the world studying any Pokémon she finds... but always chasing Almond!

(Source: VIZ Media)


Pocket Monsters: PiPiPi★Adventure had seven volumes published in English as Magical Pokémon Journey by VIZ Media from March 8, 2001 to December 10, 2002. Chuang Yi Publishing released the complete series from October 2000 to February 2, 2010.