Otenki OneesanWeather Woman - Adachi, Tetsu


Weather Woman is a funny, sexy, delightful romp through the high-pressure world of TV personalities, and the basis for a fabulous funny cult hit movie (released in America by Asia Pulp Cinema) that made a star out of the hot, sexy Japanese actress Kei Mizutani. It's awfully hot under those TV lights, and when your ratings are what you live and die by, you need a gimmick. If you're a gorgeous Weather Woman, maybe you'll find those ratings will rise if your skirt does, too! This media-savvy satire was a huge hit in comics and film in Japan and the fabulously funny cult hit movie based on it won awards at international film festivals, and the movie's American dub premier and gorgeous Kei Mizutani were immensely popular at the San Diego ComiCon International last year! This sexy and funny graphic novel features Keiko, the scheming Weather Woman, who becomes a hit in Japan by taking off her clothes on the air, her hapless suitor Minoru who tries to protect her but she can only abuse him, and the beautiful Michiko who spies on Keiko as her maid and ends up in some very compromising positions!

(Source: CPM)


Otenki Oneesan had one volume published in English as Weather Woman by Central Park Media on January 1, 2002.