ST.Potential Half-Sisters Won’t Pause Their Relationship

Mar 29, 2024
ST.Potential Half-Sisters Won’t Pause Their Relationship

The couple surprised their followers with the revelation of their status.

After two years of growing closer and spending almost every day together, they introduced their parents, only to reveal the affair during casual conversation.

“We met at a bar and have spent every day together since then! We started our OnlyFans together during the pandemic, and made our TikTok account shortly after that! Our OnlyFans shows the more intimate side of our relationship,” they shared with Daily Star.

As they bonded, their moms revealed their adventurous pasts and realized they had a shared acquaintance.

Some find it uncomfortably close as they may be potential relatives.

The couple has heard that they look alike, and many could see they have similar hair.

They recalled the moment they found out about the possibility of being related: “We had our moms over one night, and because we are all from the same hometown they were talking about places and people they used to hang out with back in the day. It somehow came out that they both knew the same person, and we all thought it was the craziest coincidence!”

The potential relatives opted for a DNA test to uncover the truth.

They said: “We sent off the testing kits less than a week ago, and it says it could take two to six weeks for results. For both tests, it cost $300(£246). It has been a lot for us to process, but because we do not know for sure, we have not put our relationship on hold.”

The couple answered when asked what will they do if they are related: “This is a really hard question, especially having thousands of outside opinions, but we have decided to keep this answer to ourselves until we know the results.”

Despite the sensitive nature of their situation, they have received a largely positive response online.

The potential relatives said: “The reaction has actually been a lot better than we expected. More than half of the comments/messages we get are positive and supportive, but of course, we have received negative and hurtful comments. We try to take all the negative with a grain of salt and focus on the fact that regardless of what the world says about our situation. We get to make the choice about what to do with our own lives.”

What would you do in their place? Would you continue the relationship if you were in doubt about being potential relatives? Let us know in the comments!


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