If you see a man with one painted fingernail, here’s what it means

Apr 03, 2024
If you see a man with one painted fingernail, here’s what it means

Elliot Costello’s encounter with a young girl named Thea in Cambodia sparked a movement to combat child sexual abuse. Thea, a survivor of abuse, painted one of Elliot’s fingernails during their conversation. He pledged to keep it painted to remember her suffering, inspiring the #PolishedMan movement.





#PolishedMan encourages men to paint one nail to symbolize the one in five children affected by sexual violence. It aims to challenge violent behavior and language worldwide. Elliot points out that men are responsible for 96% of such abuse against children and must drive change.


“As she painted one of my nails, I assured her I would always keep it that way to remember her, and by extension, her suffering,” Elliot said.



The painted nail serves as a conversation starter about child abuse and raises awareness for prevention efforts. Donations support educational programs for child survivors. The hope is for more men, including celebrities, to join this crucial movement. Share this to spread awareness.


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