WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 12, "The Greatest SAGA in History," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

For the most part, the final episode of Zombie Land Saga Revenge feels as if it could be a conclusion for the entire franchise. With the help of every supporting character in the series, from Maimai to Light to even the chicken mascot, Franchouchou fills up the EFS stadium for their concert, now a charity fund-raiser to rebuild Saga. The concert takes up the majority of the extra-long episode, a joyous celebration and victory for both Saga and Franchouchou. The credits show the zombie idols helping to rebuild the town, and if they haven't fully "saved Saga" yet, they've certainly put things on the right track.

Two brief but notable scenes in "The Greatest SAGA in History," however, shift the otherwise-celebratory mood in a different direction, and point toward the likelihood and necessity of continuing the Zombie Land Saga story, whether in the form of a third season or a movie.

How Zombie Land Saga Revenge's Finale Sets Up a Season 3_0

The first of these new developments comes while the zombie girls are in the green room before their encore. Kotaro shows up, bowing before them in what Ai thinks is an apology, Junko fears is a medical emergency and Saki believes is just his mudskipper routine. As far as Kotaro admits, he's simply crying over how much work the girls still have to do, saying, "Saga is barely even a little saved."

Once the girls get back on stage, however, Junko's concerns regarding Kotaro's health get proven valid. It turns out Kotaro was bleeding on the floor. With all the mythological reveals this season about the Saga curse, there's been a lot of concern about how it might affect the health of the zombie girls and the ancient bartender. But now it seems the second-biggest concern going into the future of the Zombie Land Saga franchise is what's happening with Kotaro.

How Zombie Land Saga Revenge's Finale Sets Up a Season 3_1

The biggest concern, of course, is going to be the aliens blowing up everything. In the final 17 seconds of Zombie Land Saga Revenge's final episode, a UFO appears over Saga and causes a gigantic explosion. All of that work rebuilding the prefecture has been for naught, it seems. It's a  sudden twist, to say the least, and turns an episode that had mostly been hopeful and upbeat into a complete shocker.

If there is another Zombie Land Saga anime, it seems the plot is going to pit the zombies against extraterrestrials. However, no sequel announcements have made. In the unlikely but possible event that this is truly the end of Zombie Land Saga, then this is the single greatest troll ending to an anime since Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.

All episodes of Zombie Land Saga Revenge are available to stream on Crunchyroll.

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