In Attack On Titan, the Yeagerists were a group of Eldian nationalists. They were completely committed to Paradis' future and would go to any length to realise its potential, no matter who got hurt in the process.


The Yeagerists, who serve as the series' final antagonists, have committed numerous crimes in order to make their dreams a reality. They were resilient and extremely difficult to overcome, whether they were brutalising their enemies or committing flagrant acts of terrorism. The Yeagerists had a significant impact on Paradis' fate, but many believe they did more harm than good.

10 Liberated Eren

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After the attack on Liberio, the Eldian government detained Eren. Officials discussed what to do with him, as many feared that he was too dangerous and irresponsible to control. Some intended to sacrifice him since they couldn't afford to lose the Founding Titan.

However, the Yeagerists formed a rally that eventually turned violent when demanding Eren's freedom. It was the first of many coercive acts and illustrated the Yeagerist's growing influence within the Eldian population. Eren's freedom meant the continuation of his plans and acceleration into future disasters.

9 Armin was Shot Through the Mouth

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At first, Daz and Samuel were receptive of Armin since they acknowledged him as an ally. However, when his true intentions were discovered, the hero got shot through the mouth in an attack that easily could have killed him. To the Yeagerists' credit, the Allied Coalition were trying to breach the compound and undermine their objective.

However, Floch's soldiers showed much keener interest in using lethal force than their opponents, which illustrated how seriously they took putting Paradis first. It didn't take long before both parties dropped all pretenses and engaged in a grisly fight for survival.

8 Viciously Beat Keith Shadis

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A major theme of the Yeagerists' uprising was to replace old regimes with new ones. When Floch's people interrupted a Scout training session, he coerced the new recruits into beating Keith Shadis. Overwhelmed and overpowered, Shadis had no choice but to endure the abuse until Floch felt it was appropriate to stop.

His torment was more than barbaric; Floch also wanted to gauge the loyalty of his new soldiers. In the end, Shadis got the last laugh when destroying the Yeagerist boats and taking a handful of adversaries along with him. He remained loyal to the Allied Coalition through his last moments.

7 Advocated Eldian Supremacy

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The Yeagerists' core philosophy was that they were fundamentally better than everyone else. Given the atrocities visited upon the island, they perceived anything that happened outside the walls as warranted vengeance for a previous crime.

While it's true that most of the world did not trust Paradis, only a handful of them were even remotely involved with the attacks on Paradis. The Yeagerists' indiscriminate persecution of all other people, Marleyan or otherwise, proved one of the most important factors when the Scouts finally took a stand against them. In the end, Eren openly participated in the same cycle of hatred that destroyed his life.

6 Held Kiyomi Azumabito At Gunpoint

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Shortly after the Yeagerists' military coup, they wanted to either procure the allegiance of foreigners or neutralize them as threats. Kiyomi Azumabito's engineers were an integral part of this since she understood technology he could use.


Floch quickly ran out of patience, held Kiyomi at gunpoint, and threatened to shoot her if she did not comply. His flagrant lack of respect illustrated how the Yeagerists' only means of accomplishing their goals are through force, violence, and coercion. They felt as if their cause alone warranted violating others' human rights.

5 Zeke Gravely Wounded Levi

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After uncovering the Yeagerists' coup attempt, Levi defeated Zeke and lodged a thunder spear in his body. This way, the villain could presumably not transform again without killing himself in the process.

However, Zeke was more than comfortable taking the risk, detonating the explosive while Levi was still near. The captain suffered permanent injuries as a result, including the loss of fingers and being visibly scarred. His performance noticeably declined in the fight atop Eren's back against ancient titan shifters.

4 Bombed Dhalis Zachary's Office

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Dhalis Zachary was responsible for overseeing all three branches of Paradis' government. When the monarchy got overthrown, his influence grew even more exponentially. This made him a target of the Yeagerist movement, who viewed him as a threat to their progress.


A bomb was planted in his office that destroyed a large swathe of the building when detonated. Zachary's smoldering corpse catapulted into the street, leaving a chilling reminder for undecided Eldian residents about who was now in control. Dot Pyxis may have stepped up to take Zachary's place, yet the memory of what happened would not easily be erased.

3 Killing Dissenters In The Street

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Kiyomi was not the only victim of the Yeagerists' terrorism. They shot anyone who refused to take part in their new Eldian empire, including those who had once worked with them. Yelena and Onyonkopon were viewed as traitors who intended to sterilize the Eldian race.

As a result, Floch rounded them up, assembled a large audience, and prepared to execute them before Jean's sudden betrayal. Floch's penchant for ritualistic execution illustrated how coercive his movement actually was.

2 Drugged Paradis Officials

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The Yeagerists realized that attempting to overthrow the government head-on would result in a costly civil war for both parties. Subsequently, they used Marleyan plants to drug the Eldian leadership so that when Zeke roared, they'd all be transformed into pure titans.

While this was already a barbaric way of solving political disputes, it also had more severe connotations for the rest of the island. In the aftermath of Marley's failed invasion, dozens of giants who were once friends now terrorized innocent people. It may have been an effective way to neutralize the Yeagerists' enemies, yet it called their claims for caring about their countrymen into question.

1 The Rumbling

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The Rumbling embodied the culmination of Yeagerist desire and the single worst disaster of the entire series. Eren's smoldering march across the world decimated eighty percent of the global population, which horrified the Allied Coalition and remaining survivors.

Entire nations were trampled in a matter of hours, with not even children being spared from the indiscriminate carnage. While the Rumbling was stopped before it could finish its grim purpose, what remained of humanity banded together for a final war against Paradis that did not involve titans many years in the future.

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