Solo Leveling: Ragnarok begins Sung Suho's journey as the son of the mighty Shadow Monarch.

According to Redbeanime, Solo Leveling: Ragnarok, the spinoff series starring Sung Jinwoo's son, debuted on April 9 with a massive present for its fans. To commemorate the introduction of the offshoot webnovel series, 105 chapters have been uploaded, along with a new trailer. Chugong, who wrote the original series Solo Leveling or Only I Level Up, has declined to create the spinoff. Daul, the creator of Dungeon Reset and Infinite Reset, will instead pen Ragnarok.


Solo Leveling's Original Author Supports the New Writer

Considering how popular Solo Leveling is, Daul noted the pressure they felt taking up the mantle of writing the spinoff. In the author's notes, Daul wrote, "I will do my best so that the story of Only I Level Up: Ragnarok, which continues, will give readers pleasure. We ask for your love and interest in the future!" Chugong also wrote a congratulatory note to Daul, thanking the writer for continuing the story and expanding the world. Despite a different author writing the series, Chugong said he still experienced the same emotions he felt when he first began serializing Solo Leveling. "A new world of level up only for me, which author Daul will unfold! Congratulations on the start of a new story and I will cheer you on!" Chugong wrote.

Ragnarok follows Sung Suho, a third-year university student whose powers are eventually released after his father sealed them when he was a youngster in the hopes of giving his son a regular existence. Gates begin to reopen, and a message appears in front of Suho, welcome him as a Player and stating the tasks he must complete to 'level up.' All those fantasies he had as a boy about battles and flying insects turned out to be true after all.


Solo Leveling's Popularity Led to Adaptations

Chugong wrote Solo Leveling in July 2016, and it was serialized on KakaoPage before being published in full by Papyrus under D&C Media. The story centres around Sung Jinwoo, an infamously weak E-Rank Hunter who becomes a Player in a program called the System after surviving a life-threatening Dungeon raid. Jinwoo soon rises to the top as the strongest Hunter in the world, virtually without limit, via training and mission accomplishment. A webcomic and an anime version of the Solo Leveling series have been created.

Solo Leveling: Ragnarok has yet to reveal whether a webcomic adaptation is in the works. The Solo Leveling novel is officially licensed by Yen Press, where Vol. 7 will release on Aug. 22, 2023.

Source: Twitter, via Redbeanime