Halloween is coming to Pokémon Unite, with an all-new trailer showing off event-exclusive cosmetics in addition to the debut of a tricky new Pokémon on the MOBA's ever-expanding roster.

During the Halloween Festival trailer for Pokémon Unite, the gluttonous squirrel Pokémon Greedent was revealed as the next playable character. In the glimpses shown of the pocket monster, Greedent displays a ranged seed-spitting ability alongside a separate ability where it eats a berry then makes a quick jump, dealing significant damage to the area around it upon landing. It is currently unknown when exactly Greedent will become playable over the course of the 19-day event.

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The Pokémon Unite Halloween Festival also brings plenty of new cosmetics to help trainers and Pokémon alike gear up for the season's festivities. New bags, hats and outfits were shown for trainers as well as unique poses, backgrounds, stickers and frames for portrait snapshots. A variety of spooky costumes and fall-themed clothing for Pokémon were also on display, such as a Zorro-inspired skin for Lucario and a trendy toque and scarf for Charizard. Certain skins also come with various pumpkin effects played during moves, though it wasn't specified whether these effects are tied to the skins or the event. Players can begin battling in the newly decorated area from Oct. 20 to Nov. 7.

Greedent will be the sixth new Pokémon to join the MOBA's roster since the game launched on Nintendo Switch earlier this year. Other new additions include Gradevoir, Blissey, Blastoise, Mamoswine and Sylveon. Although several gameplay updates have been added to Pokémon Unite, including a mobile version of the game that was released last month, many of the Unite's pay-to-win woes identified at launch continue to prevail.

Featuring a roster of 26 playable Pokémon when Greedent makes its debut, Pokémon Unite introduces MOBA gameplay to the traditionally turn-based RPG video game series. Two teams go head-to-head, leveling up their Pokémon and using distinct abilities and playstyles to guide their side to victory. Type effectiveness plays a major role in team composition, with the winner of individual battles gaining access to new combat abilities. Each Pokémon also has access to its own uniquely powerful skill called a "Unite move."

Developed by TiMi Studio, Pokémon Unite is now available to download for free on the Nintendo Switch as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.

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