The One-Punch Man creator is pleading with the My Hero Academia mangaka to take care of himself.

It is well known that the life of an artist is difficult, characterized by long, hard hours, short deadline turnarounds, high expectations, and frequently poor income until the work becomes well-known. Even when an artist achieves fame and fortune, the weight of the pressure is unbearably great. The creator of One-Punch Man, Yusuke Murata, has taken to Twitter to remind My Hero Academia mangaka Khei Horikoshi of how that feels "Rest is crucial. Horikoshi-sensei, I beg you to look after yourself."


The History of Hiatuses by Horikoshi

Horikoshi has taken a number of breaks, three of which occurred in 2023. Fans know that the gaps in the past have been caused by the mangaka's bad health, and his health condition likely had a role in the series' third sabbatical, even if the most recent break, which took place in April, was officially due to "production concerns." The One-Punch Man manga series, which Murata co-creates with ONE, will take a one-month pause, with the next update coming on April 20. Murata has taken a break himself.

Horikoshi has been advised by the artist to relax more, and One-Punch Man is currently taking a break, but Murata isn't quite following suit. The artist is currently hard at work on his upcoming project, Zaiyuki, an animated one this time. In Zaiyuki, a modern fanciful version of the Chinese classic Journey to the West, an unfortunate and melancholy kappa boy goes on adventures with a golden monkey, a dapper monk, and a cool boar-girl. Murata has released a number of project teasers since he initially revealed it in February 2023.


My Hero Academia, a huge hit from Horikoshi, with 85 million copies in circulation as of February 2023. The serialized television program debuted in July 2014 and tells the story of Izuku Midoriya, a young Quirkless child with heroic aspirations. Midoriya now has a huge obligation to defend the world from All for One's annihilation after inheriting the number one hero All Might's quirk, named One for All.

One-Punch Man also contains a superhero storyline where Saitama, who can win battles with a single punch, becomes essentially unstoppable. As of April 2020, the series had sold more than 30 million copies globally.

You may read One-Punch Man and My Hero Academia on Viz Media. Chapter 385 of My Hero Academia will be released on April 16. On April 20, Chapter 181 of One-Punch Man will be released.

Source: Twitter