Uraraka Ochaco has always admired Pro Heroes who tended to lean more toward the rescue-oriented side of their professions since the start of My Hero Academia. She was outspoken in her defense of Thirteen, a Pro instructor at UA with a focus on rescue.

Similar work is being done by Ochaco herself in the wake of the Paranormal Liberation War. Unfortunately, the young hero's unusual career choice doesn't look good given how grim hero society is right now.

Hero Society Was Completely Destabilized by the League of Vampires

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In comparison to other incidents in the history of hero society, the rampage of Gigantomachia, the wave of destruction unleashed by Shigaraki, and the Near High-End Nomu sent to thwart the heroes managed to cause the most destruction. A number of injured people are stuck in the ruins waiting for help because the incident didn't give everyone enough time to leave the affected cities. More people are being found and treated to the best of the evacuation centers' abilities, but as more patients arrive, they are gradually becoming overburdened.

Ochaco, however, tirelessly flies from one disaster scene to the next, is in her element performing rescue operations. The sheer scope of the destruction prevents her from taking a break just yet, even though she has already saved enough people to feel proud of herself for a job well done. She is using all the skills she has learned in the classroom, including victim assessment and prioritization, as well as reassuring her subordinates and putting on a brave face for the victims despite their desperate circumstances. Although it is everything Ochaco has been striving for, something must give under these circumstances.

Unfortunately, Ochaco witnessed a more experienced Pro Hero cave under the very pressure she is dealing with. His declaration of needing to find another line of work finally allowed her to process the events of the day in a visceral manner. For Ochaco especially, this must be a thinking moment. Unlike some of her classmates, her motivations for being a hero are almost purely monetary. If the entire hero institution breaks down, what further good can this traumatizing job do her?


Is Ochaco Prepared for the Future Dark Days of Hero Society?

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Ochaco may be forced to quit being a hero forever if she doesn't have a strong conviction at this point. Her mind hasn't stopped thinking about Himiko Toga's hurt feelings following their earlier that day conversation. Ochaco isn't very confident in her idea of what a hero ought to be at the moment. All of a sudden, the "villains" she had previously thought of in an abstract manner have a human face to go with their evil deeds. The entire world of Ochaco has been turned upside down.

On the other hand, this crisis may give her the chance to go through the kind of character development that many My Hero Academia viewers have been hoping for ever since she was introduced. In some way, the villains' wish for a reformation of the hero society will probably come true. Those who choose to identify as Pro Heroes in the near future will require strong convictions to survive the gloomy times that lie ahead.

Ochaco has always modeled her ideal of a hero after Midoriya Izuku, the main character of MHA. Now that they are both considering the same issues, it is almost certain that they will come to the same conclusion, whether they do so in conversation with one another or on their own.