Demon Slayer: The Biwa Demon Is the Biggest Threat to Demonkind

May 05, 2023
Demon Slayer's Biwa Demon has one of the most overpowered Blood Arts in the entire series if it were to be utilized against her kin.
Demon Slayer: The Biwa Demon Is the Biggest Threat to Demonkind

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In Demon Slayer, the demons possess a wide variety of strange Blood Art Powers that provide them with magical abilities. Rui can wield razor-sharp, spider-like threads, Daki can manipulate her body in an obi for both aggressive and defensive purposes, and Enmu can even put his enemies to sleep and penetrate their dreams. These Blood Arts are amazing to use and crucial in conflict. The power of one demon, however, appears to be exclusively focused on controlling other demons rather than improving their ability to fight.

The Infinity Castle, a domain separate from the real world and a home for demon-kind is where the Biwa Demon has made a few appearances. She appears stoic in the presence of Muzan Kibutsuji, in contrast to the Upper Ranked demons, and carries out her tasks quietly -- a loyal servant. However, the strength she possesses is perfect and could quickly dispatch any demon Muzan—or she—sees fit.

Biwa Demon of Demon Slayer Has a Natural Ability to Manipulate Her Fellow Demons

The manipulation of an entire realm is a substantial shift in the power dynamic from what has been shown in Demon Slayer so far, despite its scope and impact being barely touched. The Biwa Demon was able to summon all of the Lower and Upper Ranks to the Infinity Castle at Muzan's command and completely against their choice. Akaza was surprised to find himself within the Infinity Castle and suspected it had something to do with the death of another Upper Rank.

After Muzan gave his orders and left, the Biwa Demon took Hantengu, Gyokko, Akaza, Doma, and possibly Kokushibo to a number of different places, some of which were directed by Muzan and others of which were simply where they had come from. The Biwa Demon's ability to transport Hantengu to a region he had not previously arrived from suggests that she is capable of transporting a demon to any known location, which makes her capability much more scary for demon-kind.The fact that Doma, an Upper Rank Two demon, was taken somewhere he did not want to go farther suggests that her strength outweighs their wants.

How the Biwa Demon Slayed All Demonkind

Muzan possessed the ability to destroy all demons if he so desired. Any disagreement, however, would be ended if the Biwa Demon merely transferred the most powerful demons to an area with sunlight. The Biwa Demon easily defeats all trials and competitions for better rankings among the demons, rendering them powerless to act in any way.Muzan, given his desperate attempts to maintain power, is probably resistant to such a force, but the others don't appear to be.

She can easily cast demons under the sun into their demise, although this is more of a power that is ignored than a weapon that can be used against the demons. However, it does allow her to defeat Akaza, Doma, and even Kokushibo if she ever wants to advance to the Upper Ranks of Demon Slayer. While her power is an excellent demon defense, it may not always be effective against humans. It is mostly a support Blood Art, but it has disastrous consequences for demon-kind that have gone unreported.

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