Attack on Titan VA Discloses the Covert Item He Wore While Recording for Ten Years

May 04, 2023
The voice actor who plays Eren Jaeger in Attack on Titan discusses the peculiar outfit he donned throughout every single recording session.
Attack on Titan VA Discloses the Covert Item He Wore While Recording for Ten Years

Eren Jaeger's voice actor on Attack on Titan, Yuki Kaji, had a unique recording procedure that involved his undergarments.

Kaji admitted to wearing the same underwear each time he entered the Attack on Titan recording booth, according to ComicBook. The acclaimed voice actor insisted he just realized he was wearing the same underpants in his second studio recording by coincidence. He made wearing them every time he entered the studio to record from that point on, turning it into a ritual that made the underwear last for more than ten years.

Kaji explained, "For some reason, I always wear the same underpants when I play my part in Attack on Titan. He said the underwear had its fair number of holes after serving its purpose for ten years and had a "black-white pattern that resembled the image of the works" on it. He acknowledged that they are prepared to resign now that they just had one more session remaining as the character.

Attack on Titan Destroys the World

Kaiji is one of the most prolific voice performers in the industry, having performed Eren Jaeger since the series' commencement. Other notable roles he has played include Shoto Todoroki in My Hero Academia, Meliodas in The Seven Deadly Sins, Daida in Ranking of Kings, Judeau in the Berserk film trilogy, and many more. His most recent production is Mashle: Magic and Muscles, in which he will play Rayne Ames, a character that has yet to appear in the show at the time of writing.

Wit Studio produced an anime adaptation of Hajime Isayama's Attack on Titan series in 2013. It immediately earned widespread acclaim from critics and fans alike, cementing its place as one of the most popular anime series of all time. Attack On Titan returned for a second season four years later, in 2017, and cemented its place as a modern classic. Wit Studio then stepped aside, handing up responsibility of The Last Season production to Studio MAPPA.

The show's last episodes were separated into many sections for its conclusion, which began in 2020. "Attack on Titan Final Season The Final Chapters Special 1," which aired on March 3, 2023, served as the first half of the ending. It was positively appreciated by fans and set up the last encounter, which will bring the drama to a thrilling conclusion.

Attack on Titan is now accessible on Crunchyroll and will conclude in the fall of 2023. Attack on Titan manga is now available for free on MangaMonster.

Source: Comic Book

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